19 May 2011

Nothing Better than a Fresh Mowed Yard

We finally had the yard mowed and it made me feel nice and clean so I got my camera out to snap some photos of what the yard should look like at all times during the spring! *hint hint*

Camouflaged Fee Bee!

12 May 2011

Spring Stuff

My apologies for not being around in blog world for the past couple of months. I have had some unfortunate events happen in my life and the last thing I want to do is blog and pretend everything is okay. I doubt I will post much since now I believe it is kind of a waste of time for me...plus I am hoping to be busy enough to where I won't want to do this..but I do have some downtime and just wanted to share some pics I took in the past couple of days.

Hope all is well...

Oscar and Fee Bee

El Jardin

Other Side of el Jardin

Fresh From the Garden...right before I pickeled the onions

bucket I painted "Holy Chickens" for sale at Witherspoons

the other side with the rooster.