30 April 2010

Kentucky Derby!

It's that time of the year...I do not know if it's the big hats, the mint juleps, or the beautiful, powerful horses that come together for this extraordinary (and super fast) Spring event. Have you picked out your hat yet? I am not very interested in horse racing but the fashion and style of the Kentucky Derby is very intriguing. Anthropologie.com has put together several outfits to celebrate. Good Luck!

29 April 2010

I Think it's Time for Another Visit....

Have you ever been to the LBJ ranch in Stonewall, TX which is right outside of Fredericksburg? What a wonderful place to learn about our 36th President of the United States. His ranch invites us to witness his childhood home, his little old school house, and even the Texas White House where LBJ and Lady Bird lived until their passing. You may also see his grave too. It's all so very interesting and personal! But what I love the most is the Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm. I don't even need to explain...just check out the pictures!

Whatever they eat on the farm comes from the farm!
From veggies to bacon it all comes from their hard work.
I'm in love with the different material used to show growth of the family.
The textures reveal a story.

This pie cooling/dish drying window opens into the dog trot. I would like to use this in a design one day, where you could display your dishes or cool a pie!

28 April 2010

The Littlest Skyscraper

Have you ever wanted to see the Littlest Skyscraper. Well you are in luck. I know where you can find it! It's in Wichita Falls! Back in it's heyday, a conman came to town and told the city he was going to build the most luxurious building and you better act fast to invest! Little did people know, that the plan was done in square INCHES not Feet! The conman scrammed once he received his money. So instead of licking their wounds and writing off their stupidity, the investors decided to build it anyways. That's the story I was told, what do you think?

There is a neat antique store that is connected to it, so you better stop by and check it out! Also, just down the road, is the train museum. For one whole $1 you are allowed to walk through all the old rail cars, mail cars, passenger car, and even a fun dining car! We had a good time in Wichita Falls. I am looking forward to visiting their winery and goat cheese farm!


27 April 2010

Oh Boy!!

You are going to freak when you see the Before and After and then another After photo of this beautiful creature. I cannot even fathom this is the same house! The Byrne-Reed house was built in the early 19oos and then converted into an office building in the 70s. KUDOS to Humanities Texas for spending the time and money to transform this beauty back to it's original state!!!

During the 20s and 30s

Brickwork on the west side of Byrne-Reed House. Photo by Humanities Texas.

The northeast corner on April 9, 2010.
AHHHH!! The house has been covered up in tacki-ness!!

The north facade on October 20, 2009.
Texas Humanities unveiling the lovely-ness!

The northeast corner on April 6.
Slowly coming back to life! Isn't this amazing?

March 2,2010.
This is a dream of mine!

Another view of the decorative cornice. Photo by Humanities Texas.
Beautiful cornice uncovered

Original fireplace in the Byrne-Reed House. Photo by Humanities Texas.

This makes me Giddy!!

Check out more pictures of the restoration at Humanities Texas website. WOW!!

26 April 2010

Old good times

I am working on picking out paint colors for a house. Not just any house, but the house that I have many fond memories of. I was taken home from the hospital to the little cabin that sits on the property and then lived in the main house until I was three.

I have vivid memories of sitting on the steps of the house with my mother and trying to think of names for kitties. Trying to find the newest litter of kitties in hollowed out trees, and playing in my room that was in the witch's hat of the house.

Pretty lucky little girl.

I dug out some photos to reference back to the days when my parents built the home so I thought I'd share this little bit of history.

23 April 2010

Moooove Over

Have you ever seen a cow that looks like an Oreo? When I saw these little guys, I was astounded by the perfect ring that wraps around their belly. I wonder what type of breed they are, if they are more valuable than an Angus, and if they are friendly like the Jersey that I used to feed and love on. My wish is to have another Jersey. I would like to have one that is young so I can teach her tricks and let my niece ride her. Awww, that would be fun!

22 April 2010

Rose Bud!

A couple of months ago farmer-man and I went out to California to go to one of his best friend's wedding. On our way down to Paso Robles we stopped by Hearst Castle. I have watched the movie, Citizen Kane, that is "based" on his life...so I had to see Xanadu and hopefully find his Rosebud.

William Randolph Hearst was one of the most lavish guys of his time and brought all his building material and purchases in by ship to his favorite, remote childhood spot. There he built his "dream house/castle" during the Depression. He invited celebrities, smarties, and politicians to vacation at his home. It was very interesting to see the old pictures of when it was used as a house. This is the only time I wish I was a movie star or knew one so I could have been part of one of their infamous costume parties!

The site and history of W.R. Hearst also reminds me of our trip to Germany when we stopped in Fussen to see King Ludwig's castle on top of a mountain. Both were over the top, bought and built to the extremes when neither had any money. Which kind of sounds like society today...I'm not going to go there tho!!


King Ludwig's Neuschwanstein
For More information about King Ludwig and his tragic death (or was it MURDER?) click here

21 April 2010

Country Livin'

Growing up, I lived in many homes since my father is a home builder. One time, while waiting for our permanent home to be built, we moved 3 times in about a six month period. We always had a wonderful place to live and I am thankful for that. But this is the place that I call my childhood (really teenage) home.