29 June 2010

Maskin Tape

I enjoy using maskin tape to border my sketches in my sketch book. I really enjoy using maskin tape rather than duct tape...Actually, I can not stand duct tape. It is always difficult for me to use--it all gets twisted and stuck together.

So when I was taking some pictures for Old Mill Crossing around Shanley Park. I was mainly focusing on the Hike and Bike Trail. Well, I came across a clever way of using maskin tape as art. At first I thought it was paint...but oh no. It's little strips of tape.

What do you think?

28 June 2010

A Familiar Face

Witherspoon's Antique Mall was an idea that my ma wanted to come to life 14 years ago. My parents bought the property that used to be a beauty school (I remember the foam heads looking out the window and it always freaked me out) and before that an auto store. The ugly blue metal building was an eye sore. Then my mom walked into the scene and spruced it up. It is the best metal building I have ever seen.

Also, I remember when I would like a snack or a drink I would walk across the street to the dark, murky, marina. It was an eerie place and probably not the best place for a 11 year old girl to to venture to by herself. The place was just plain ol' shady.

Well fast forward 14 years later and Witherspoon's Antique Mall is a hopping/successful business. Not only because of my mother's vision but also because of the gals that help run it and make it look so good. We are all a great team and I love to stop by there anytime any day to see a familiar face. If I have some down time, I stop by Witherspoon's and hang out for a little while. It's a fun place to shop for birthday and Christmas presents (support the dealers!).

Several years ago the city bought the marina and it is now a resort/conference center and a wonderful city beach. Things are looking sunny over there and it makes Witherspoon's just look even better.

25 June 2010

Finally Friday!!

No I'm not referring to Friday as "Free-Day." I am so thankful that I do not have to sit in a cubicle and work on a computer all day..I am "Free-All-Day!" I am excited for Friday because my mechanical engineer is coming home to become the Farmerman that I love so dearly. He will arrive in his work attire..and I won't recognize the fool...but then he emerges in his stained white t-shirt and holey wranglers..and then I know who the stranger in the house is!

It has been since June 1st since I saw the lad. I can't wait to give him a big hug and kiss at 2:02pm today.

Hiding from my niece Ava...Farmer is a great sport.

24 June 2010

Don't Cross the Road!!

When I see my cat cross the road, I get very upset and chase him while yelling.."Don't Cross the Road!!" I think he knows better but I bet he does it to A. Get Attention or B. Piss Me Off! Both work so he wins. But he will not win when a big ol' carless semi comes around the corner with a bat outta hell attitude. He hasn't crossed the road in awhile, so things are pretty lax. Except that it too hot during the day, so he sleeps all day and then around 4 AM he wants to play because that is when it has cooled off and playworthy. I am not a fan of this routine. It has been going on for 2 weeks now...ohhh well. I understand the reasons behind it, but please let me sleep !

Well I made a map for our hired help to make sure he waters everything around the house and inside the house. These plants are older than me! They are my farmer man's grandmothers plants. They are probably at least 3o years old (some of them). Farmerman thought it was funny how thorough I was about the map--but this is some serious stuff. Just like Don't Cross the Road!!

23 June 2010

Lowake...Prounounced Lo-Wake-E

This post is dedicated to the Gaddy men ---past and present.

So what is the story of this place again?? They used to frequent Lowake back in it's heyday..
I'm assuming when they built fences around Texas.

22 June 2010


Yee hee e'erbody! I helped Gramma mosaic the table she got when she came down last month. It was my ma's table that had been sitting outside with no top for. ev. er. Gramma asked if she could have it and then a couple weeks later...Voila!

Gramma cut the plywood into a circle. I then helped her break some dishes and create a design for the top. The main inspiration were the tiles with the cowgirl on them. She got them at the Helping Hands Store (thrift store where she volunteers). They were $2 each at the thrift store but originally $18 at the retail store. So Gramma was excited about her find.

What do you think? This was my first mosaic project. Now I will not be shy to start one on my own. Pretty simple DIY project. We pasted mastic on all the bottoms. I had to leave before we grouted. I'm anxious to see the finished project.

18 June 2010

Where Am I?

Of course you know where I am but I do have to say, walking down the streets of downtown Fort Davis, basking in the sun of my Gramma's private patio and listening to the mexican/country music across the street sure does put a smile on my face and I let out a nice pleasant sigh of contentment. I feel like I am in another country with the view of the mountains---smooth yet jagged boulders jutting out of the earth into the dark cloudy sky. I see a flash of lightning in the crook of two mountains...rain today? Maybe over there but not here.

The smell of rain and authentic Mexican food wafting through the air...ooh I want to eat some! But Gramma's home cooking is just as good.

We went to the lumber yard today to get supplies for our mosaic table project and Gramma knew everyone that walked through the door..because of our trip we are going to go have dinner at her friend Joe and Frankie's home...big rancher guy. They obliged to make me fish. I finished two pillows. They sure do look good. I will post pictures of the table soon but I leave you with my pillers.

Info about the pillows... these are flour sacks from Sam's great gramma's stash. I love this one because it says Lubbock, Texas on it (Go Tech!). This is one sack cut into two. Also, the cording around the pillows is from Eleanor's dress...fabric my Gramma saved after remaking it with new fabric, I was ecstatic to see it...it has been about 3 years since I saw the fabric..it all goes quite well together. Definitely special.

17 June 2010

West Texas State of Mind

Guess where I am...

Fort Davis!!

I am visiting with my Gramma for 5 whole days. I arrived yesterday and I will leave Sunday. I am so excited to start some projects and get a whole lotta Gramma time.

We will do some sewing, mosaic, and yard work. I will also take a trip to the city dump (one of my most favorite activities here) and go to Marfa to their farmer's market to buy some local honey.

I brought a whole basket of my garden vegetables and we made dinner out of it last night. It was sooo wonderful, you can always count on Gramma to make it delicious.

Wish you were here :)

15 June 2010

Toy Story 3!

I remember taking a field trip in 6th grade to go watch Toy Story at the movies...The Brazos Cinema that my family owned at the time. I have great memories there but it was always awkward for me to go there with my friends. I always worried they may act up and get scolded. It embarrassed me. I always had to be on perfect behavior because I understood it was a business and you want to make the customer happy.

But for the field trip to watch Toy Story everyone was on good behavior...my ma or the other ladies that worked said hello to me, a little shy, I would wave back and didn't know if that was "cool" or "uncool" that my ma was there (6th grade ya'll).

But once the movie started, it was a blast. It was the first time anyone ever saw a computer animated movie and the story line was so much fun.

15 years later...here we are, we will be premiering the movie at the Brazos Drive-in this Friday. I wish I could be there to see it's premiere to relive the moments as a child. But I'll be in west Texas visiting my most favorite lady--Gramma.

If you are going to go watch it...have fun--it looks like it will be the best yet. I will see it as soon as I can--of course where I first saw Toy Story...at the Brazos...maybe not the cinema since it has been long gone but this time it will be next door at the drive-in!

14 June 2010


Huge green tomatoes tease me while I envision salsa, tomato sauce, pasta salad, pizza, caprise, soup, using my fresh basil, and....the list will go on but I will spare you.

Ohhhh Boy! My tomatoes are finalllllly turning red. Mind you, these plants where just little things when I planted them. Smaller than a coffee can. They are now as tall as me, streaming their green, leafy arms to form a sort of tomato jungle. This makes me very excited. I just love the smell of fresh tomatoes. Kind of has an itchy smell to it..do you know what I mean??

My plan is to freeze most of the tomatoes so I can use them later on down the road (wish I knew how to can). I am going to freeze a lot of basil into ice cubes so I will be able to use them as well.

What is your favorite tomato dish? Please share!

10 June 2010

Beep Beep

The Model A Fords are in town. It is so fun to see them bee bopping around. It reminds me of the Model T my mother bought when I was a little girl. We had lots of fun with it. I remember the "key" was a screwdriver. One time we had parked at a gas station and I took the screwdriver with me inside b/c I was afraid someone would steal the car ha! Good times.

The Model A's will be coming to the Brazos Drive-in this Friday. Come check it out if you can. I am going to go and help out.

Should be lots of fun!

09 June 2010

Ice Age

I was laying in bed the other day wondering ...where did ice come from? Not the ice you see during the winter (duhh!)..but during the hot days before electricity. Of course to find this answer I googled it.
When and how did ice come around? Can you imagine drinking a beer hot? They must have done that before ice was introduced..and that is just gross.

Frederic Tudor is the man to thank. He was known as the Ice King. I'll make this story short and sweet as possible. It took ol' Fred from 1805 to 1830s to make the idea work and profitable. He harvested ice from the north and shipped it around the country and even exported it to the Carribbean. They also floated huge blocks of ice down the river to haul it to various ice houses. He started by giving the ice away for free to show people how much better beverages were when cool. He also started teaching people how to make ice cream....they loved it..but needed ice to make it! He worked hard and died a rich man. The industry obviously floundered when electricity came into perspective and refrigerators and freezers became more economical. Still, pre-packaged ice is a big money maker each year. $2.5 billion to be exact. All because of the Ice King.

There is your history lesson for the day... or month... Pass it along while you and a friend are enjoying a nice cold drink during one of our hot (lovely) summer days.

Now, that does not look fun...to icy.

08 June 2010

Hexagon House

I'm still thinking about Mineral Wells...so I wanted to share this great story about another hotel...with a sad ending, but nonetheless...very cool (no pun intended)

"The Hexagon House." Hotel Built in 1895..The Hexagon Hotel was built by David Gehugh Galbraith in 1895 and opened December 6, 1897 as a well ventilated hotel some sixty-one years before air conditioning became widely available. Constructed of long leaf yellow pine, the exterior was covered with cypress siding, and the roof was covered with hand-split cypress shingles. The entire interior trim was "Heart of Pine", a hardwood. All of the stone work was done by two English stone masons, the building was constructed with wooden pegs and square nails. Four stair cases started at the top and spiraled down through the five floors. The floor of the lobby was covered with hexagon shaped tiles in tan, brown and blue colors. The rooms were hexagon shaped with a bath located between every two rooms. Even before the days of air conditioning, Mr. Galbraith achieved a maximum amount of air circulation so necessary for the comfort of the guests in the hot Texas summers.

The idea for the hexagon architecture came from the honeycomb. David Galbraith, the owner, was the inventor of the paper clip. It was a great loss to Mineral Wells when the daughters and heirs to the Hexagon decided to have the hotel torn down for the materials in the building. Ira Tawater of Seagoville, Texas started tearing the building down on Monday, September 28, 1959. All of the materials in the hotel were still in perfect shape when dismantling began.

A very unfortunate loss..but wow! The inventor of the paper clip lived in Mineral Wells!! Hahaha. .

07 June 2010

The Baker Hotel

Have you seen the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells? You can't miss it if you have travelled HWY 281. The old lady is the tallest and grandest building in Palo Pinto county. Opening right after the crash in 1929, it hosted all sorts of celebrities, politicians, and the wealthy. The Baker also created many jobs for the townspeople in Mineral Wells. It seemed like everyone was connected somehow to the Baker. The hotel closed in the 70s and has startled to crumble ever since. The poor soul. Who has 400 million dollars to renovate it?

Well..good news..somebody does! Thiel and Thiel Architecture is redesigning and coming up with the plans to renovate the Baker Hotel and make it a spa like destination getaway. There will be about 200 rooms, spa, retail shops, and a restaurant. They will market the rooms at affordable prices. I'm very excited about this! I hope it will follow through. I will definitely take a trip to spend the night at the Baker. I'm not much into spas but for historical places...well you know how I feel about that!

04 June 2010

circle circle dot dot

I have to type fast...there is lightening and thundering at bay and it makes me nervous to be around electronics when lightening is crashing down around me. I must go and unplug everything!!

Before I do my unplugging..and I need to take a shower..peeewww...but I'm afraid I may get electrocuted in the shower..can that really happen?? Lightening strikes the house or pump house and find its ground through me??

I am doing a bit of research on a project that consists of a victorian home. I am helping with the roofing and color selection and also maybe color ladyin' it up a little bit more but keep it simple and farmy.

I noticed a particular theme in many Victorians in a book of mine. What do you think?

Lotsa Dotsa!

03 June 2010

Happy Birthday Ma

Today is my Ma's birthday.

Happy Birthday Ma~

Ma on a horsie

Ma with me at Jane Craddacks in Granbury

Ma and Me at a Wedding

Ma with Me and Windell the Kitty.

Ma on a different kind of horsie.

02 June 2010

Vacation Time is Over...For Now

I had a very nice vacation from the Internet. I am back into the swing of things and am hoping to get all my projects done and my ducks in a row so I can go to Montana and realllly partake in some R&R. Wouldn't you if you knew you would be living there??

Kalispell postcard post card - Main Street, Kalispell, MT

Kalispell, MT : Glacier National Park, West Glacier, MT

yep...I'm about ready!