21 April 2012


Now that we have told our close friends and family...I can share it to the world.. 
Farmer and I are engaged! 
We will be married next year around this time at the farm when the flowers and the green is at its best. We are also excited to have Farmer's dad's best friend, Carlton, officiate the ceremony!! 
We are so excited to share this special time with our very special friends!

18 April 2012

Little Big Kitty on a Tin Roof

Oh Me Oh My!

Oskie's on The Roof and He's about to Cry!

I'm in the Garden. Farmers in the City.

I've got to get some help for this little big Kitty!

He doesn't seem to care. He doesn't seem to fret.
He just wants to watch another Texas Sunset.

The sun's gone down and now he needs to too.
Quick! Down the Trellis he goes fore it's past his curfew.

13 April 2012


I cannot get over this Spring. More color keeps popping up!

08 April 2012

03 April 2012

More Gaddy Farm Photos

It was a perfect day to take some updated pics around the farm.
Great light, great sky, and all that green
---which is farmer and mine's favorite color.

02 April 2012

Before the Mustard Disappears

I wake up and look outside and see these tiny little sunbursts of sunshine. Dancing and waving, "good morning" with their delicate, green little hands.

-Wild Mustard has been abundant this year with all the rain we have received-

The bright yellow reaches up into the brilliant blue while the big red barns create the backdrop for The artist's palette.

While He carefully mixes the brilliant blue, the bright yellow and the big red
for Spring's colorful blanket, I will wait for His newest creation. In the meantime I will watch the mustard's petals drift away, the sky grow dark with rain and the red barns stand still waiting for another perfect time.