26 May 2010

Vacation Time

Hey Folks, I'm so happy to say that I am actually reaaaallly busy. Especially busy this week. So I am going to take the rest of the week off from the Blog World in order to get things done as soon as possible! I am also looking forward to my farmer=man coming home and getting to see all the wonderful things that have been going on since he left! I will post pictures of the progress as soon as I find time to breathe! My exhibit will be over this weekend and hopefully another project. Afterwards I may be in blog prime since I may not have as much to do. With that I leave you a couple of pictures of the cutest kitty in the world:

25 May 2010

Tootin' My Horn! Toooot Toooot!

Last Chance to see "Dear Eleanor" hope you can make it!

24 May 2010

Congratulations TomKat!

TomKat is my number one fan! Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and make a couple of comments every now and then. Here is your prize. You may pick it up when you come home on Thursday! Yay! I can't wait!

Side Note: It may not be Rod Roddy New...but it was new once upon a time!

21 May 2010


For all my loyal followers out there. I am going to reward the person that comments the most on my blog with an appreciation gift: A new car!!!

I will tally the comments over the weekend and reveal the big winner! Cross your fingers it's you!

20 May 2010

Grandma's Yellow Rose

I subscribe to a weekly newsletter called Texas Gardener's Seeds. This week they talked about one of the selected 2010 Texas Superstars: Grandma's Yellow Rose. Dr. Stein and his fellow horticulturists named the new Texas Superstar in honor of Stein's grandmother, Tillie Jungman, who loved the yellow rose and helped grow test varieties in her garden near Castroville.

What is significant about Grandma's Yellow Rose is that it does not incur black spot so you do not have to spray it as much as regular roses. It takes root very well and performs well in alkaline clay soils. Another wonderful aspect of the rose is that it blooms from Spring 'til Frost! Now that would be a nice little gift for the garden during the scorching summer days.

I need to find out where to purchase Grandma's Yellow Rose for farmer-man and my's next Valentine. We buy a rose bush each Valentine's. Then we'll know how many years we have been together. Ha! Interesting enough, the article says it is also a great "Valentine's Rose" because of Grandma's long stem and flower design. Very fitting if you ask me!

There's Grandma Tillie!

All stages from deteriorated blooms to new buds in the '07 rainy spring at College Station did not cause black spot damage on ‘Grandma’s Yellow’.

'Grandma's Yellow' Rose WANTS TO Bloom even in tissue culture in a test tube.

'Grandma's' flowers fade from deep yellow to pale yellow as they mature.

19 May 2010

A Genius in My Book!

Listen to this six grader boy belt it out to one of Lady GaGa's songs, Paparazzi. I also enjoy watching the girls in the background. Most are uninterested, a couple amazed. I would be one of the amazed...along with millions of people that have watched his school's talent show video on YouTube. Enjoy!

18 May 2010

Disclaimer: I am about to be a Girly Girl

My Best Friend is Getting Married!!

Congratulations to Ben and Whitney!! I'm going to make this blog short and simple. The other day we were discussing bridesmaid's dresses. She likes the bright colors and I think that will be lots of fun. I also kind of like the idea of bridesmaids wearing mixy matchy dresses. Of course she can decide on whatever her heart desires but I am going to post a couple of dresses that I love.






17 May 2010

It's Raining it's Pouring...It's Rain Boots!

You know what I love about the rain...more grass. More Grass means more Cows. More Cows means more Money..More Money means More Problems ...about what color to paint the house!?!

I also like to wear rubber boots (even when it's not raining). If you know me personally, I'm sure you have seen me wear my rain boots on the sunniest of days. Maybe I'm hoping for rain..for more grass for more...

Hope you are enjoying this rainy day...if you live around Erath/Hood County at least.

beautiful girl in beautiful rubber boots

UsgbDress from Annimatilda, Hunter Rubber Boots, Black Rosette, Silk

14 May 2010

Just a Year...Just 365 Days

Finally, the seven sisters have graced me with their beauty this Spring. I have been waiting patiently for them to make their appearance and very saddened that the descendant of these little sisters is not around to witness their yearly dance.

The story is that the Seven Sisters climbing rose was planted when the house was built back in 1908. Over the years with the landscape growing out of control and taking over the front yard...the sisters were hidden and almost forgotten when one Spring day the people of the home discovered that they were still around---just covered up by the jealous ground cover and tree branches who starve for attention. After several years of transplanting to try to preserve this tid bit of history...the sisters are thriving and so happy. After so many years of neglect don't ya think they deserve the spotlight!?

One of my first little projects on the farmhouse was to help make a trellis for the ladies to climb on. We made it out of nylon rope (I saw this done while in Europe in country towns) and made a web on the front porch. I didn't take pictures the first couple of years. But here is an example on how one year makes a difference. Can't wait 'til next year!

13 May 2010


We have wonderful friends in Lometa, TX. Of course, farmerman has known them allll his life because his dad was college buddies with the family. I love it when we can make it down to Lometa to ride ol' Speedo, feed the sheep, and look for the little black sheep. I also like to visit the cousin of the family, Danny. He has a great farmhouse that has been in the family for eons. And he has a neat ol' dog named Chili. I took a picture of Chili with the farmhouse's wonderful green carpet. Danny said he was going to take up the carpet to expose the hardwood floor. I understand where he is coming from because I'm slowly but surely (and sneakely) doing the same thing at my humble abode. I asked him if he could save about an 10'X10' ...or even bigger ?? ....piece of the carpet for me. I think it's so fun! Very dated, but I think that's what's neat about it. It would be a jolly area rug once I get it bound. Quite the conversation piece too.

The farmhouse where Danny, Chili, and the green carpet reside.

12 May 2010

Missions in San Antonio

Thinking about a San Antonio trip in the near future? I would like to suggest a couple of missions to visit...no, not the Alamo, even though if you haven't seen it, you better---it's a symbol of Texas, ya'll!

I'm talking about two missions that I visited with my Amor.

San Jose and Concepcion.

We arrived on a Sunday morning and while meandering up the walk we could hear glorious music and song floating through the air from the ancient walls. We walked in towards the back and I sat there forever listening to this amazing Mexican music. It was so real. This is what it is about. I could have stayed there forever. I recommend going on a Sunday for sure. Both missions have Sunday Mass and everyone is welcome!

Mission Concepcion is smaller but my favorite! This is where I heard the music and it has stayed with me ever since. It wasn't very busy and so peaceful. History is alive and well {preserved} and this makes me super happy. It's so old and so amazing...I didn't feel like I was in Texas but more like Europe. I never knew this type of experience was so close to home.

Mission San Jose is very large and impressive. The whole compound is preserved. The fortress walls, the homes where converts and missionaries lived, the chapel, and the mill still grinds corn by way of water running through the property. It is all so fascinating and a great history lesson. The mission posted pictures of people "discovering" the ruins back in the early 1900s. It's amazing to see these people just as interested as I am...looking at the same object that has been around since the 1700s. I recommend taking time to visit the missions. I am looking forward to visiting the others next time we make it to San Antonio.

Wait a minute! That's not a mission-mission...It's the Mission Drive-in!! Located just down the road from Mission Concepcion! It is not open but sure is neat.

11 May 2010


Last year, I was dared to jump off the rocks into my friend's amazing natural pool. I thought sure why not! She took this photo that I think is so funny. I look like I have a crazy Mohawk. The timing was pretty perfect and take a look at this pool! After a hot day out in the yard wouldn't this be the best solution to soothe your aching muscles and cool your body temperature. After the swim, I went home and tried to find something that could be converted to a pool.. I found a stock tank. hmmm..maybe not the same but it's something!

10 May 2010

Cows Cows Cows

Sunday I woke up to Mooos and more Moos. I looked out the window and two calves were on the side of the road. Their mama's and aunties were yellin' and screamin' at them to GET BACK OVER HERE!

I rushed outside and saw my wonderful neighbors (in their Mother's Day/Sunday Best) trying to herd them back in the lot. Thanks to JJ and Lacy, we were able to shoo them in.

Mind you, this isn't the first rodeo. Last night, I was informed that one of the new kids (one of 256 head) got out last night. Then this weekend--I shooed two calves that were sunning in the yard back into the trap and then later found another one in the yard--same story! I found 3 holes in the fence where the kitty cows got in and mended them as well as a girl like me can.

I also found the hole where the steer got out and mended that as well I can. My ol' farmerman will need to show me how to do it right if he plans on keeping me around for awhile.

At least it keeps me busy on a lazy Sunday! Things will work out but you know how things can go at times...when it rains it pours..cows!!

Sunning kitty cows in the yard...like little doggies.

This is how a girl like me mends an old fence!

07 May 2010

Photo Shoot!

My Best Friend came down from Wichita Falls to the farm last weekend so I could take pictures of her in vintage clothing. She is so photogenic so I had fun taking her picture. I hope we can do this more often because it was a lot of fun! Thanks Beans!

...and thanks to my farmer for taking pictures of us together.