08 February 2011

Happy Birthday Sam!

This little baby is 35 today!!

You are 245 years old today (in Kitty years)

02 February 2011

I've Got the Feva...Cabin Feva!

First things first..Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to Farmer! Today is his last day of school----err---WORK! 9 months is finally here! Wowsers!!

Aarrrrgh..today is the 3rd day of stayin' inside! I look outside and just wish I could go out and play..but it is just too damn windy and icy and not so fun. I look at the birdies that are camping out in front of the window having their buffet of birdseed and fluttering about to keep themselves warm. The sweet things are so puffed up they are the cutest little boys and girls. Oh Lordie...After today I will get to see Farmer and we can keep each other entertained by playing with Wiggles (Riely) and him helping me clean out some more stuff....exciting!?

He shipped about 100 lbs of stuff from Montana and we should receive it Monday. 100 lbs! Yikes! Sorry UPS, hope your back doesn't break!

Puffy Little Birdies ...puff up and stay warm. I wish I had some more bird houses so you can keep warm and happy...but by the looks of it...ya'll are having fun and enjoying your buffet. I will fill it back up today since you ate all of it in just one day you silly little things, you.

thank you for the entertainment during these long wintry days.

Maybe instead of cleaning we can watch one of our favorite movies: Blazing Saddles...

My Texas Tuesday

This is what Ri Ri and I had to deal with while livin' it up in Texas on a Tuesday.

The Red Buds that Ricky and I dug up and planted in the front yard.

Birdie tracks

campin' out in front of the fire

drinkin' hot tea with my buddy

01 February 2011

Count Down

Counting today it will be 4 Days 'til I see my farmer..kind of like 3 b/c he'll be home on the 4th around noon. I am thankful that he did not come in today or rather I am grateful that this wintry storm decided to hit us now and not on Friday..but I do have to look out for superbowl traffic..blech.

In honor of our reunion..I'll post a couple pics of us throughout the years. Yep, you'll be seeing a lot more of US instead of him or just me.