06 December 2010

Let it Snow ..Let it Snow..

Farmer with lots of snow on his person...now why would that be??
Take a look and see!!

awww looks fun tho!

Dislocated shoulder on the menu...
Get Well Soon Dearie!

10 November 2010

Heavenhill Update









08 November 2010

Poor Kitty :(

Riely is under the weather...it's his own fault. He picked a fight with a barn cat and this is what he gets. I told him when he did it he's gonna get sick and he can't do that kind of stuff! It makes him look all mangy and scruffy. Now we can't go getting that type of reputation for Ri Ri is a prim and proper cat (ha ha ha) . I took him to a horse vet today (they are going to start doing small animals...). The price was right and it was in-and-out burgers. Riely seemed to like it better than the other vets I've taken him too as well..so that's a good thing!

The picture of him is after a long day today...he went to work with me at Heavenhill and then also went over to Lana's for a little visit. Now home and 'resting' on the sofa.

He had a 102 fever and his right eye is squinty because of the abscess and his nose is completely swollen..you can see it better with a profile shot. The poor kitty! But he is doing really well and still has an appetite.

03 November 2010

Kitty in the Garden

I've been checking out Lowe's clearance racks in the garden department. It has been so much fun to buy plants that are 75% off!! I've made two trips so far and I'm enjoying spending some time figuring out how to make the front yard more oohh lalala instead of blah blah blah. I plan on making the whole grassy area in front of the house filled with shrubs/flowers/etc with meandering walking paths, sculpture, and seating... Perennials are my best friend and I am looking for shrubs that are low maintenance....so anywho, I am having some fun this fall..what a great time for deals and to spend time outside when it's not so blazing hot and humid.

I am holding off on going all out crazy since I am still needing to have the siding taken off the front of the house and painted. I do not want to plant things and then have painters ruin everything....so I am starting where I am hoping my little friends will not be disturbed.

01 November 2010

Play that Piano Kitty!!!

I think they stole Farmer's creation!! He does this all the time with Riely...here is the video of Farmer and Riely playing the piano (pretend of course...)...my camera didn't have sound so you'll have to play your own musica.

And here is a still photo of them playing the piano...Riely misses Farmer dearly!!

25 October 2010


Whitney and Ben came down to my neck o' the woods for me to take their engagement pictures! It was so fun for them to visit. Whitney wanted to recreate the V-J Day photograph of the sailor kissing the nurse...but instead have Ben in his flight suit and she in a white dress. It turned out so great! Very fluid and swan like ...not exactly like the original but that's what's cool about it.

They also took some pictures around Bluff Dale which makes me happy they wanted to use my hometown for pictures they will keep forever.

24 October 2010


This is the grass that makes Farmer happy...Happy Farmer...Happy Me!!

20 October 2010

Sabbatical Time...for Blog World..not Real World..

For those of you that read this..you probably have noticed that my posts are becoming far and few between. Well.. I suppose that is what happens when you are a busy bee like me. (I'm a poet and didn't know-it!) I am working on lots of different projects and I am grateful for them! I will try to posts here and there when I have something worthy. I'll show you a couple of things I've been working on...

I guess this is what happens when you are not vacationing in Montana but actually trying to make a livin' :)
Acton Nature Center Goodies. I incorporated everything that is great about the Nature Center into a poster to show people why they should come visit and donate money.

Heavenhill... a panorama of the place behind Witherspoons that I have been working on as well. This is fueling me to make more money because it is costing a lot of dinero ...like all old houses!

13 October 2010

El Jardin

That's right folks. Got a garden now. I can see it from the windows...it's that close. Farmer is down from Montana and hooked up the "roto-tiller" to the tractor to plow the garden so it will be in tip top shape for spring. Cannot wait. I think I will buy a couple of winter transplants and start it up. I will need to research on how to make the soil the best it can possibly be. It's strange..it has a bit of clay and then sandy (dusty) soil. but I think it will do great!

Also what is fun..is that it is an old dumping ground from the Fallins. All sorts of broken dishes and even found part of a wagon axle, spike, and some other type of wagon part. I wonder if glass and porcelain is good fertilizer..because I would have myself a bountiful garden if that were the case!

Shotgun is a ham!!

05 October 2010

04 October 2010

Slide Show

I compiled a slide show of all the major things that have gone on around the farm in the past 4 years...yep farmer and I have been together for a little over 3 years but I met the place before I met him and just happened to take some pics when I was first introduced to the farm. Look at all that we have done in just 3 years and just think what we can do in another 3?? I am so proud of all that we have accomplished and I am grateful that farmer allows me to be part of this wonderful process of preserving his family's heritage.

This place is my heart and I love it dearly. I am so happy with all the things that we were able to save and make even better.

I hope you enjoy the slide show.

24 September 2010

Things that Make Me Happy at the Farm...

Yes I know, you are probably thinking...well I've already seen this! I know she took off the siding..it looks great..

well let me show you something..

Every time I get the camera out Riely shows up...he loves to be photographed. So what do you think about the "new" columns? We encased the existing pipe with 1x6's. I then primed them and also the beam above it after I tore off the rest of the siding !

Great stuff!!

And we are also putting a nice new fence around the house too..can't wait for that to get finished!