31 January 2011

Look at that Beauty!

Welp...we are done!
What a fun experience to see it go down and then back up all in one week's time.

28 January 2011

Movin' On Up!!

The Chimney is Growing!
I bet they will be done today (Friday).

I took this Thursday evening. It is starting to look like it did before we tore it down!

27 January 2011

Ooooohhh Weeeee....

Oooooohhhhh Weeeeee.....

What's Up with That??!! What's Up with That???!

I'll tell you What's Up!
Fixin' That Chimney!!

diggin' the footing

Stay Tuned for the Finished Producto!

26 January 2011

This is Why I love Old Houses!!

Came across a treasure/clue this past weekend! It was revealed to me when I was watching Zach take off the last bit of siding on the back porch gable.

Can you guess what it says??

"AUG. 1907"


Farmer's house just got one year older!!!

25 January 2011

Young Whipper Snappers

Just came across this picture. It was the first time I met Farmer which was during Bluff Dale's Opening of Deer Season in 2006. I had no clue I would be involved with this guy 6 months later down the road... but I did know he was pretty neat since he was a fellow Red Raider and just happened to be a good guy too.

Love you Farmer!

We look so young! hahaha!

24 January 2011

Planning Ahead..Come to the Greenwood for Super Bowl Sunday

My ma wanted me to come up with some flyers to advertise our special for Super Bowl Sunday. The Greenwood is SLASSSSHING prices! All Beers, including the pricey imports, are only $2 a pop. Yep...should be a good time!

21 January 2011

Fun Times at the Great Northern Bar (Too Fun I Think!)

We have a great weakness for the Great Northern in Whitefish..we have too much fun too fast! Here are a several snap shots of us having fun times with Farmer's cohorts.

20 January 2011

Happy Birthday to Me...27 and 10 Days Old!

my pop pointed out that my birthday this year is a palindrome... 1.10.2011... write it backwards and it is 1.10.2011! Purty cool!

I turned 27 on January 10th. YIKES!!! I am now starting to feel old..as my good friend Danielle said, " You are now in your late 20s!!" Hmmmm, gee thanks Dani! haha.

The day before my birthday, Farmer's colleague and good friend now, Rafael, invited us over to have dinner and drinks. It was a lot of fun. We jammed out to some Latino music and played some interesting instruments........

cutie brookie and Farmer

birthday party guests---Luke and Brooke. Thank goodness we had some cupcake fans!

For my actual birthday, Farmer took off work and we ventured over to Glacier National Park and saw the terrain blanketed in snow. It was gorgeous..cold but gorgeous!

I have a feeling 27 is going to be a good age! Cheers to Me!

see me on the dock!?
Now that's A LOT of snow! See the parking sign?

The Shining comes to mind when visiting the McDonald Lodge...closed for the winter..eek!
Red Rum!!
Yummy Glacier Water

19 January 2011

Mush Mush!

Welp, I'm back in the great state of Texas! I did not have my laptop with me so I am now posting my experiences up in the Treasure State. I love Montana, it is a wonderful and beautiful state. I was very happy to be there but then when I am back home..I love it here too. I am obviously more active in Texas because I have things to do...in Montana it's like a vacation and all I have to do is lounge. Lounging is great but it can get old quite quickly. I've been home for a day and a half and have already torn off most of the siding on the house! Yipppeeee!

Back to Montana... Farmer took me dog sledding for my birthday! It was about a 13 mile trek and lasted about an hour. Afterwards we warmed up in the cabin and drank hot chocolate with the dog master. It was lotsa fun and I would recommend it to everyone! I've always wanted to go for a run and it was all I ever thought it would be and more!

Take a look for yourself :)