30 June 2011

Baker Hotel

This is a wonderful "preview" of the Ballad of The Baker by Kevin Pruitt. I sure hope they will make the grand ol' lady shine again.

29 June 2011


We have a nest on one of the flood lights on the front porch....so while the babies are eating their sneaky snacks, their parents will perch on a electric wire that hangs above one of the screen doors..which then..makes a mess all over the screen door and floor. So, at first I thought farmer could clamp the wire to the wall to prevent birds from using it, but then that would require me to wait for him to get back home......which would mean more clean up. So I came up with this idea.

Think it'll work??

28 June 2011

A Texas Treat

Ava and I met up with Mel and Hope and ventured over to Annette and Ricky's Ahhhh-mazing pool. I just love this place..can't wait to go back and swim in the cool and crisp water..surrounded by nature at its finest.

27 June 2011

When the Cats are Lazy...the Mice go Crazy

This is what our cats do best...

23 June 2011

Just a Couple Drops of Rain but What a Beautiful Evening...

While I was showing the kitties how to do a rain dance in the garden the clouds started to form and turn dark grey. I could see in the distance plenty of rain falling down on top of the exhausted earth..but would we get any?? I've been watering day in and day out just to try to keep my parched plants alive...but really I can survive without plants, I hope and pray for the farmers and ranchers out there that depend on rain to put food on their table (and pay cable bills). Will we get any?

A drop here and there but nothing extraordinary. Alas...I went inside to check on my laptop to find out what the future held on weather.com ... but my internet is so slow out here in the country that I couldn't pick up the radar..Just got do it the ol' fashion way and go outside again and watch it.

As I stepped out side..it was like I was stepping out into another world. Like I was wrapped up in a blanket of cool warmth and glow. Almost dark due to the clouds but the sun was setting and the light filtered through casting this amazing light around the farm. What a sight to see. I grabbed my camera, hoping I could capture this moment..just a point and click camera but I think I was able to get a hint of the feeling..nothing like being part of it. As I was clicking here and there...I looked up and to my amazement, a rainbow in the dark clouds. It didn't seem like it should be there but it was and I felt comfort. Knowing that it was there to say hello.. hello from my dear beloved Riely.

I captured it and am very thankful for going out to observe nature "the old fashioned way" ...not by watching it on TV or on the internet.

After the sun finally settled into sleep under the covers of the dark grey clouds...the rain started to drizzle..I sat outside on the front porch to watch the lightening and hear the thunder roll across the Texas sky. Not much moisture, but I'll take this magical moment any day.

Rainbow at Night

Sky of Many Colors

Our very own "Going to the Sun" Road in Bluff Dale, TX

Sky on Fire

20 June 2011

I've Got a Tiger....er... Armadillo by the Tail!

The other day while millin' around in the garden, goose (they grey and white cat) showed me that we had a visitor. Arnie the Armadillo was back..yet he was a young pup.

Well being by myself with no one to call on but myself I decided I could catch him by the tail and put him in the trap. So at my second attempt I was able to catch him..he wasn't fast at all and didn't mind the chase. Once he was in the cage I pondered on where to place him where he would not come back and also not bother any of the neighbors..so I loaded him up on the four wheeler and we headed toward the river... As he bounced around in his cage I was wondering to myself if Arnie would get motion sickness. After our trek past the airplane hangar, I dropped him off near a gulley where a natural spring flows crystal clear water. If I were an armadillo, that is where I would like to live!!

16 June 2011

Tennies Sweet Tennies

Birds can be just as creative as humans when creating their cozy abode. I spotted this home when I was over at my dad's taking care of a few things while he's in Africa. He had told me that a bird had wanted to make a nest in his tennis shoes but had them go somewhere else...well..I suppose they took advantage of him being gone for 2 weeks!!

15 June 2011


Farmer's Pa's Pecan Pickin' hat (I need a "p" word for hat..any ideas??) just got bronzed by Carlton... Farmer's Pa's Best Buddy from College. I can't wait for farmer to get back home to place it where he thinks would be most fitting. Any ideas???

14 June 2011

Fee Bee

Fee Bee is sooo happy to be in the sink..she has tried the sink, tub, and shower to find where the coolest spot in the house is. I also think she does it to look cute too.

This picture was taken before I decided to finally turn on the a/c. With 13 foot ceilings and screen doors and windows, the house isn't as hot as you would think...but alas ...on June 11th, farmer suggested I start sleeping with the window unit. We only put one in the house b/c I don't want to look at the ugly thing on the east side of the house (which is the side you would see the most). So I have changed bedrooms and now sleeping and working in the West Bedroom. I got my little wooden desk that I used as a child for my laptop and have the window unit a blowin' and a goin'.... it's not so bad...I think I did pretty good holdin' out with no a/c as long as I did. My goal was June 1st...my best yet I believe!

As you can see.. Fee Bee is very happy with the air conditioning :)

13 June 2011

Bountiful Harvest

This is all the veggies that I harvested out of my garden this morning

Looks like I'm ready for Halloween too :)