23 May 2012

Short Bio

I had to write up a short bio for a position I may be
 elected for in my
hometown of Granbury. 
I figured I could share a bit more info to the folks out there in blogland.

21 May 2012

Collage of Us

Farmer and I have been together for almost 5 years now! 
Here's a little photo collage of what we've done throughout the years!

Click on the picture
for a larger view

15 May 2012

Old Letter ReAppears

I wrote a letter to an elderly lady that grew up in Heavenhill...way back before Heavenhill was ever called Heavenhill.

Way back like in the 20s-50s.

But I never heard from her...I was hoping to at least find the old letter she wrote to my mother. 

This is a little nutty but this lady married my grampa's very good childhood friend. They grew up probably about 100 miles from Granbury.

Ten years ago----somehow the stars aligned----my gramma figured out that my grampa's friend's wife  grew up in the SAME house my mother had just bought! WEIRD!

So my mother wrote a letter to this lady and received pictures and a floor plan sketch of the house from her memory (50 years prior!)

 Just the other day while rummaging through the barn at Heavenhill...this letter fell out of a folder. It was the letter I was hoping to find. I had gone through that folder before but never saw it. I feel like the universe heard my wish and found it for me. Things like that happen to me..does it happen to you?

03 May 2012

Just Call Me McGyverette

I have been working full time at HH and we are at the trim & tile stage! 
I got a group of guys that have been very diligent and hard working. I am very impressed with what has gone down in the past couple of day. I do have my frustrating days (i.e. this Monday and Tuesday!) but I am now very pleased with the progress. 
I suppose I get most frustrated when I am working at HH alone and things are just not working out so well. I work better with other people...not necessarily helping me, but I just like to have the distraction and a bit of convo here and there. It helps!  


We have been reusing material that came out of HH and also from the barn on site. I think it's lotsa fun to find and seek old wood that will work for trim or for this or that. I also enjoy seeing the inventory pile decreasing bit by bit. More room for other stuff! 

We are in need of a couple more pieces of trim for the windows. Farmer has a couple of houses on his property that are falling down. (side note: a house mover used to own part of his land and "inventoried" buildings on the property). So I drove the four-wheeler over to "Perts" to go scrounging. I had a lot of fun (had to keep my eyes peeled for snakes!) and found some great trim...it is amazing how your eyes see new things now that I am in the trim business. I never noticed a lot of good stuff that are in those houses. They are a little scary b/c they could fall down any time...i wish we could salvage more stuff out of it before it falls. (but that's another story!)

I was quite the site going down the county road with my 1X4s. I even had to get creative and McGyver-ish to keep the boards from falling off the four-wheeler. 
Good thing I wore my trusty head scarf today! 

I also found some wire on the ground by the gate that I picked up in habit..but then I thought... Perfect! 
This can hold the other lumber in place! Just tie it to the milk crate and we are in business! 
I had somebody pass me on the road..I bet they thought I was a nut!