30 July 2012


This is me several years ago hugging THE tree...

The Wedding Oak outside of San Saba, Texas. 

Farmer and I daydream about eloping...it would be so much easier than the big hubbub that goes with getting married. Our dear friend that is going to marry us, Carlton, and his wife, Becca, have a ranch not to far from the infamous tree. Last time we all got together we joked about just getting it over with and making it official at the Wedding Oak...if only we had the papers handy we probably would have done it!!

....and here is a picture of Farmer a bit scared of the whole scenario.. but not anymore!!

27 July 2012

Is this the Same Person?

Do you think this is the same person?? 
The first picture came from the green locked box and the 2nd picture came from Ancestry.com

16 July 2012

Way Up High in the Peach Tree

For the past couple of weeks I have been very busy pickin' peaches. The raccoons and other varmints and me are in competition for these tasty little treats. I gather as many ripe'ns as I can during the day and then the night critters come out and try to sneak and eat (waste) as many as they can at night. The next morning is a mess with peach pits and half eaten peaches on the sidewalk and in the yard! 

But my o' my are the peaches GOOD this year! Last year, due to the drought, we only had THREE peaches. I was able to get one and the raccoons got the two. 
It was a miserable summer, last year! 

Not this year tho! I have canned and froze peaches so I can enjoy them in the winter time. I have been making peach smoothies and today I made peach salsa. I am also thinking about making a peach cobbler (even tho I am not a big fan of sweets but I am running out of ideas!)

I am very thankful for such a wonderful summer we have had. It has been so much more pleasant than the previous. Even today I am hanging out on the farm without any air conditioning. Yes, it is a bit warm, but it is nothing compared to what usually happens in a Texas July. 

The best part of no A/C, and the reason why I will endure a bit of heat, is so I can have the doors open to hear the hummingbirds fly, the cows beller', and even the salt trucks go by. It is nice to have that fresh air and even better when it is rather cool! 

Happy Summer to Everybody. 

P.S. Now that I am about plum tired of peaches...the figs are bountiful and are almost ready for pickin'! On to more canning and freezin'! -which is a great problem to have :)

12 July 2012

Galveston Isle Mini Vacation

 Ship Elissa
Pleasure Pier at Galveston Island, Texas

Farmer and I in the Gulf of Mexico

Fly 'Em High !!

Which picture is your favorite?

09 July 2012

A True Treasure Chest

Due to a mouse that decided to live the last of his life in the only closet in the house...we had to dismantle everything that was in the enclosed space to find the rascal.

It is a pretty small closet but it is amazing how much STUFF can fit in there. It is mostly all of Farmer's family's things. His grandmother's nick nacks from High School, His Grandfather's hats, great grandmothers shoes... you catch my drift.

During the cleaning phase I got caught up in the moment and started going through all the stuff again. Reading Eleanor's Love Letters from when she was young. It is amazing how things really do not change. (comparing to my youth. Nowadays I am not sure if they still write love letters or just send texts?!) After awhile, farmer found the dead mouse so it was time to start putting everything back in a more orderly fashion. He also repaired the hole that mice have gnawed out throughout the years to get into the sun-of-a-gun with an old tin can lid (we are retro!!).

Well, while we were stacking and sorting there was that green box staring at me again. See, I've wondered about this green old box for awhile. It has a big green lock on it and no key attached. I asked Farmer if we could break into it because I have about had it with my curiosity. So later that evening while settling down in the living room he got his stash of keys. He went through one lump of keys but none worked. Then he remembered he had another set of keys that we had found several years ago in the barn. the second key opened the box.

I about jumped a mile outta the sofa.

What could be in there...ohhh lemme look!

It was what I have always wanted to find...

Another stash of old pictures!! More pictures of Sam's Family's Past. And the best one I could find where of his Great Grandfather's Grocery Store in Dublin, TX. We still have some of his grocery things in the barn (dated about 1920s to late 1930s). But never have seen a picture. Maybe this will give us a clue to see if the building is still there. I believe it was on Grafton Street. So next time I go to Dublin, I'm going to peak into the windows and see if any look similar to the pictures!

What a find!

All thanks go to the dead mouse!