25 August 2010

Sick Leave

It's already Wednesday and I feel bad that I have not updated my blog with pictures I took of our outing at the Northwest County Fair and Rodeo... but I have been terribly sick since Friday and ughhh I don't feel very creative ...just letting you know that I will update soon.

Farmer and I are leaving for our vacation tomorrow. We are heading to Spokane, WA tomorrow to spend the night and then head on up to Seattle and Vancouver for the remainder of our trip. I am hoping I will feel better for the trip...fingers crossed!

Bright Lights at the Northwest County Fair.. The Oakridge Brothers played there on Tuesday!

20 August 2010


I feel sorry for these houses because it's not their fault....

18 August 2010

Sweet Cottage

This little cottage nestled amongst hundred year old pines near Glacier Park Lodge has to be one of my favorite little homes. Farmer makes fun of me because I like things "little." I get super excited if I see a funky little house or a tiny little pony and kinda like blah blah when I see a big ol' grand house or a big ol' great dane. So here is another one of my "little" loves. Whoever lives there has decorated it with such cuteness..I can not pull off those flowers too much back home since the summer heat will zap 'em like a bug light but awww it is fun to pretend and hopefully pull it off somehow in a xeriscape kind of way.

All Nestled and Such

So Comfy Looking

17 August 2010

Fly Fishing Farmer

Farmer has picked up fly fishing. I am very happy for him for fly fishing was on his "bucket list." A colleague of his at Applied has taken him a couple of times out on the Flathead River to cast a line or two. The most farmer has caught is a plastic bag..but we're gettin' there!

I went out on the river with them this past Sunday and I really enjoyed the time on the water--quiet and serene...and oh so clean! You can see the bottom of the river with all the colorful rocks of blue, purple, grey, and green glistening up at you...you would think it is about 4 feet deep but more like 20 feet! Farmer did good casting and maybe one day he will catch a big fish and I can cook it for him!

I did not bring my camera with me the day I went out on the river but I do have a picture of him from another time. He is going out to fly fish again today...good luck!!

16 August 2010

Sperry Chalet

Saturday Farmer and I decided to hike to Sperry Chalet...another Kirtland Cutter masterpiece...except this had a twist to it. The only way to get to the chalet is by hiking or horseback. The chalet offers rugged guest rooms overlooking the valleys in the great Glacier National Park. They also offer lunches so I figured it would be a cool way to grab a bite to eat. We started at McDonald Lodge and began our journey....yes it was a journey.

The map doesn't look like the hike is pretty much uphill the entire time---but it is. Nah, I just thought it would be a nice easy-going stroll. With our bear spray in hand and a backpack full of snacks we hiked our way to the historic chalet nestled in the mountains.

On our way we crossed foot bridges, picked huckleberries, listened to the rushing water from Snyder Creek, and found a couple of waterfalls. We definitely had our eyes peeled for bears!

About 3 hours later into our hike...I just knew the chalet had to be around the corner...after many of switchbacks and Farmers hips grinding into dust...we saw the chalet..on top of a mountain across a valley from were we stood. Oohhh lord we still have to climb up that!?

Can you even see the chalet? It's there.. camouflaged.

Well it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be...but a cat nap may be a good idea ??...or maybe even shell out $305 for the two of us (yes! That's how much it cost for a couple to stay at the chalet--no electricity, no running water---just gorgeous views!) because we are going to be tired! Either way, we couldn't stay long...since it is now starting to get darker earlier..I did not feel like becoming appetizers for hungry bears.

We were some mighty happy campers when we made it to the chalet and the vistas were brilliant. We ordered some sandwiches and soup. Split Pea for me and Tomato Basil for Farmer...when the order came out the Tomato Basil had onions...which does not sit well with Farmer so I, being a good girl, switched so he could still eat some soup :)

After our lu-nner we sat outside and enjoyed the views and the "tame"life. Mountain goats were walking around, looking at us while we looked at them...chipmunks entertained us by dancing around us and jumping on my feet and giving Farmer a hug..it was the darnedest thing.

See the chipmunk on the rock?
Farmer and the Chipmunk
Sperry Chalet

It would be a wonderful place to stay the night...you would really enjoy it because you have to work HARD to get to it. The 6.7 mile (one way!) hike took us 4 hours and the climb 3300 feet. It only took us 2.75 hours to hike it back to the car and at the end of my trip, my knees were hurting me so bad that I had to walk the last .5 miles backwards because the downhill was pretty intense and not so nice to my knees.

We are sooo glad that we did it and we are also happy that we found a hidden gem in the park that not many people get to see. I also am excited to know that Kirtland Cutter--the most talked about architect of my summer---designed this place too. Just makes it all worthwhile.

13 August 2010

Kootenai Lodge

I embarked on another adventure the other day to visit the Kootenai Lodge designed by Kirtland Cutter..the same architect I talked about in my previous posts---freshman architecture class...projects..mcdonald lodge, etc.

This one was more intimate and closed to the public. Designated as one of 2005's top 11 most endangered historical places by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the structure has just recently been restored after many years of neglect. Now it is in pristine condition. Only for about 5 million bucka-a-roos and $25,000 in HOA fees (annually mind you!) you too could wine and dine in this historic lodge that overlooks swan lake while tucked away in the wise old pine trees.

It reminds me of the same idea about Old Mill Crossing yet much more extravagant. Historic concepts and building new to incorporate and honor the past and the land. From moose to goose the developers were still able to salvage the animal mounts on the wall and also the baby grand piano and the pool table. All original since 1919.

There was a group of retired school teachers that were on the tour as well. They took me under their wing and were just a delight to talk to. They had design questions and I was able to help them so they got tickled with me.

One of the retired school teacher's aunt and uncle were the caretakers of the property back in the 50s and 60s. So she had some nice memories of visiting the grounds back then...my how things have changed.

Another lady, a native Netherlander, reminded me soooo much of Gramma it was was crazy! The things that she said and also her looks. I'll quote a couple of lines:

" Ohh a 'Y' in a tree...I bet there is money buried underneath that tree!"

"If you were unhappy and was able to move here...do you think you would become happy?"

"Ohhh my, more things to dust!" <----very logical!

I spent 2 hours out there and very much enjoyed it. It could be just a fancy development but the historic value is what separates it from the others. They have pictures of the Copper King families that built the lodge displayed throughout the lodge. They owned the Anaconda Copper Mining Co. and were making 1 million dollars a day! John D. Rockefeller, Charles Lindbergh, Will Rogers, the famous western artist, Charlie Russell were just a few of the big wigs that stayed here. Charlie Russell's last painting that he ever did (that was never completed either) was named the Kootenai Lodge...it just sold for 4 million dollars.

Bigfork, Montana: A National Treasure For Forty-Two Families

One of the daughters of the Copper Kings is still alive.. at 90 years old she came out to the Lodge and took a tour of the grounds. She was so happy to see the lodge fully restored for she stayed here many of summers as a young girl. She broke down in tears when she saw the old merry-go-round. Her grandfather had bought her the merry-go-round for her 5th birthday..and it was still here for her to see. Now that is love.

I wouldn't mind taking the tour again..may learn some more things and notice a couple other design ideas.

Bigfork, Montana: A National Treasure For Forty-Two Families

11 August 2010

Baker Hotel Documentary

This is a wonderful preview of the Ballad of the Baker which describes the rise and fall of Mineral Wells. The Baker was there to help the town with its boom and also assisted it with the bust since many Mineral Well-ites relied on the Baker for employment. Once the jobs diminished so did the town... I think there is a reason why it is now known as "Miserable Wells." Hopefully the name will change to Magnificent Mineral Wells!!

The documentary is a non-profit...if you find it interesting and want to support the rebirth of the Baker check out their website: http://bakerhotelmovie.com/

10 August 2010

Eureka Park

While in Eureka looking at all the various quilt designs at the show...we also got to see the historic buildings and donated farm equipment. They had a great museum with all sort of local artifacts---reminded me a lot like the farm back home in Bluff Dale.

Farmer was definitely excited to see the farm equipment.

I was excited to see the Great Northern caboose.. The Great Northern Railroad is what really made Glacier National Park a park and also built all the amazing lodges that I have been talking about. They did not want to get into the hotel business. They just wanted people to ride their trains..and building wonderful places next to amazing vistas would help that dream become reality!

09 August 2010

Eureka!!! Quilts Galore!

Farmer and I took a quick trip up to Eureka, MT which is very close to the Canadian border. We picked a great time to visit because they were having a quilt show!

We overheard a woman say that during the winter...all they do is quilt. I could see why because this tiny town up in the mountains with tons of snow...hmm yep..quilting it is!

They have a little park dit dotted with historic buildings that had been donated over the years to the town of Eureka. The park is where a lot of the quilts were displayed. They also had them hung up and down the main street. It was very fun to see all these pieces of art displayed in that way.

06 August 2010


This is EXACTLY what I have always wanted to do...Kudos to the brothers that took the risk and made these old buildings alive and fabulous again!

We went to the Kennedy School built in 1915 and now functions as a bar, restaurant, hotel, movie theatre and so much more!

They show 2nd run movies so they can charge less...$3. Same idea my mother had back in Granbury.

I lovvvvve the mixy matchy light fixutres!!

We sat out on the patio for awhile until it got too chilly..Danielle and I sat by the fire for a minute to warm up...in July mind you :)
Stuart took Danielle and I to Hotel Oregon for dinner. This is located in McMinneville, OR. Very nice and just as quirky as the Kennedy School.

05 August 2010


I am pretty mad at myself that I didn't take very many photos. Especially of Danielle and I. We have about 3 photos of us together in the past 3 years and that irks me! Hopefully I will be able to see her in a month or so. We are hoping to meet up here in Kalispell and I can show her the sights like Mustang Island and of course Glacier.

On my way into Portland, Dani advised that I stop and see Multnomah Falls. The 2nd largest waterfall in the US. It was pretty neat and was a good chance to let me stretch me legs before getting into city traffic. And you know how well I respond with traffic.....oh goodness.

She took me around the city and showed me the best of the best. If you want to go to Portland, look up her, she's a great hostess! I saw so many of Portland's finest and have determined that Austin is NOT weird at all...not even close. Portland holds the title and should be proud of it.

We ate at wonderful restaurants-Cajun to Thai so I was one happy camper! We even went to a renovated 1917 school that has been rehabbed into bars/hotel/movie theatre/wading pool/restaurant. I will have to talk about that visit separately because it pretty much defines my whole agenda in life.

We also hiked and beached it. Saw the famous Haystack Rock. I shouldn't forget our walk around the water front. We were able to walk from one side to the other with footbridges along the massive vehicle/train bridge. It also lifts up when a barge or ship needs to pass under it. Just amazing I tell ye. Farmer would be in hog heaven.

To top off my great experience was my visit to the Brown's place. They had amazing views and just felt so comfortable there. I am hoping to go back sooner than later and next time bring Farmer along with me. Even though Oregonians are EXTREME lefties I think he would definitely enjoy it. Especially since we can visit the city and also have the privilege to retreat to the country as well.

Multnomah Falls-2nd largest waterfall in the US of A

Washington Park -Rose Garden-
This is how they design their restrooms in Washington Park..Granbury take NOTE

This bridge turned 100 years old this year!
Ecola State Park
Haystack Rock in the distance

Pitock Mansion
Still showing movies at the Cameo Theatre in Newberg, Or. They also own the drive-in as well.
Like the OLDEN DAYS!
I believe it's the only drive-in left in Oregon.
Pray that a megaplex DOES NOT come in.

04 August 2010

Road Trip=Success!

I had a wonderful time in Portland--Danielle is the definitely the hostess with the mostess. I also was able to see a great childhood friend-Andrew- and then got to mosey on down to Newberg to visit with the Brown family and see their beautiful home and grounds. Their view was absolutely amazing---all you see is rolling hills of Christmas Tree Farms and Vineyards...quite the treat and I am truly blessed to be able to experience these things during our country's hard times.

I am pretty much beat from my 1350 mile adventure so will post pictures and experiences later. Hope everyone is enjoying their week..can not believe it is already Wednesday!! Short week means I get to spend time with Farmer very soon. He was in Bluff Dale for the past 5 days so I have missed him and look forward to getting back into the routine again.


In the meantime....a Riely picture...

---Missing my Ri Ri right now :(