03 November 2010

Kitty in the Garden

I've been checking out Lowe's clearance racks in the garden department. It has been so much fun to buy plants that are 75% off!! I've made two trips so far and I'm enjoying spending some time figuring out how to make the front yard more oohh lalala instead of blah blah blah. I plan on making the whole grassy area in front of the house filled with shrubs/flowers/etc with meandering walking paths, sculpture, and seating... Perennials are my best friend and I am looking for shrubs that are low maintenance....so anywho, I am having some fun this fall..what a great time for deals and to spend time outside when it's not so blazing hot and humid.

I am holding off on going all out crazy since I am still needing to have the siding taken off the front of the house and painted. I do not want to plant things and then have painters ruin everything....so I am starting where I am hoping my little friends will not be disturbed.


  1. Looks nice! Soon it will look like the Garden of Eden, which is suppose to resemble a place closed to heaven.