20 September 2011

Tree Runner?

The other day I was workin' away on my laptop and I heard a ruckus in the yard. (Now that it has cooled off I have moved back to the office that provides wonderful nature watching). I couldn't believe it but there was a roadrunner perching on the metal gate. Squawking and talking! I was hoping for my camera to be near but it was not and I really did not want to leave my spot. So I enjoyed his presence and then all of a sudden he jumps up in the tree!! Have you ever seen a roadrunner in a tree? I called Farmer to relay every detail. I get the camera and take a picture of him up in the leafy limbs. Ohh! What was that? Another roadrunner in the tree??

I get it!! It must be mating season! What a treat. I gave them their privacy and was giddy all day about my "bird watching" event. oh geez!

The following day I saw two road runners cross the road (chasing) and then about 30 yards ahead there was another one crossing the road. They really must be twitterpating! So keep an eye out! I suppose with the cooler temps, everything is moving. I saw about 65 dove this morning while checking water troughs.

We have a running joke with a good friend about roadrunners so I am including a picture of that morning with a funny caption. See, he's a yankee and he didn't know that roadrunners existed! He thought they were a myth or something like a jack-a-lope! But I can't haw haw too much. I just found out that wolverines were for real. I believe they are up in yankee land so we are tied!

not the best picture, but i didn't want to disturb the love birds!

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  1. Definetly a very rare specticle indeed! I guess the female was playing hard to get and made the male chase her up into the trees???

    I bet the roadrunners wanted to be in the perfect setting during their mating ritual (honeymoon).