01 December 2011


Farmer really has caught the bug...the cleaning/gifting bug. He has given away 3 vehicles from Otto's Mobiles. Otto, farmer's grandfather, saved pretty much every vehicle they had since the 50s (but why, oh why, did he not save the Model A?!). Once the farm truck or town car stopped running, or nobody wanted to drive them anymore, they were parked and became yard art.

There were three vehicles parked on the side yard and all are gone now..As I sit and type this little bloggy, I am looking out the window and I see a clearing! I spot the big two story red barn now. It's kind of sad, like maybe an arm was sawed off the farm. Alas, if we ever get lonely there is always a truck or car we can drag back to fill the void.

here is a pic of the terrific trio and where they stood for about 40 years (give or take).
This photo was taken in 2007

the caddy getting towed to her new spot

The Buick's turn to go

Farmer also sold a Mrs. Baird's Bread International Pick Up. If he sells more of the collectible vehicles, that money will go into restoring the couple of vehicles he wants to keep.

This four door mercury parked out behind one of the barns looks like a lot of fun to drive around in *hint hint*

This is Otto's Cadillac. This was his "going honky tonkin'" car and "watching the Stephenville Yellow Jackets high school football games" car. One must have a director's chair and a bottle of tequila to make the leisure trip complete! Oh the days of olde.
Farmer will part with the humdinger for $1,000.00


  1. Great pictures Shelbie! I am looking for an old truck to use in a photo shoot for the next Hico Homestead show flyer, do you still have the old truck?

  2. There was always a vehicle ready to go to town on any occassion at the Gaddy Plantation!

    My grandfather specifically purchased the Cadillac for outings such as football games, baseball games, and going to Cowtown for some day/evening fun!

    My most fond memory of the cadillac is when I was around four years old, we drove to Stephenville for a high school football game, the car was packed with the Bluff Dale elite (Roy Fallin, PJ Fallin, etc) and everyone had their drinks in one hand while smoking/chewing cigars and telliing all sorts of jokes and stories. When we got to the game, my grandfather opened the trunk and there was a cooler full of beer along with bottles of whiskey and each had the individual director chairs, which everyone grabbed along with the beverages and we all headed down to the south corner of the endzone and setup the chairs and coolers on the grass and watched the game. Everyone would stop by including the local sheriff and highway patrol and even the Texas Rangers to say hello and sometimes get a quick "pick me up", especially during those cooler nights.

    Those were some great memories !!!!