29 February 2012

Wallpaper V. Stencil??

Finding remnants of the old wallpaper got me all jazzed up about putting some wallpaper in Heavenhill. I don't want to go completely primitive with HH but more classy with some splashes of yesteryear here and there. I started looking at websites that host an amazing collection of vintage wallpaper. It is sooo much fun!

Then I started thinking about art..if it is too busy, you can't really put anything on the walls b/c it will clash with whatever is hung..plus nail holes in wallpaper... eeek!

So I thought just segregating one wall in the Kitchen for the wallpaper so it can be the art and then wrapping it into the hallway. Yes!!

I also am looking for that perfect color too..Are they too bright? too dark? Is it my Monitor?

After I narrowed my selections down I then made some mock ups of the kitchen in PAINT..mmhmm...that is not a typo! I no longer have PS since I bought my new laptop...sooo this is all that I could do.. so please don't laugh.

Also, I started looking at the stenciling idea. They have some groovy patterns out there and I think it may be easier..painting and stenciling vs. hanging wallpaper?

The cost would probably be lower too. Yes, I don't have to texture the walls if I wallpaper..but wallpaper is expensive and then the labor of hanging it.

Also.. it's a permanent deal. But it's SOOO Cool too! (I never thought I would ever say wallpaper is cool!)

Soo..what do you think? Which one do you like?

Stenciled (plus many more here)

Wallpaper A & B

Wallpaper C & D

Wallpaper D


  1. Well, I like two. The very first pic and the last. The first pic has that old country wall paper design that is so inviting, I love it! The last pic has a very fresh traditional design. Like from plantation homes, if you know what I mean...both are gorgeous.


    1. Thanks for your input! I am leaning towards the first one and stenciling it...that way I can change it up later on down the road if I like. I went by Lowe's today to look at wallpaper books just to see something in person...it was pretty tempting tho, I love the feel of wallpaper. My mother always had wallpaper books around while I was growing up since my family was in the home building business. I appreciate your comment and thoughts!