15 May 2012

Old Letter ReAppears

I wrote a letter to an elderly lady that grew up in Heavenhill...way back before Heavenhill was ever called Heavenhill.

Way back like in the 20s-50s.

But I never heard from her...I was hoping to at least find the old letter she wrote to my mother. 

This is a little nutty but this lady married my grampa's very good childhood friend. They grew up probably about 100 miles from Granbury.

Ten years ago----somehow the stars aligned----my gramma figured out that my grampa's friend's wife  grew up in the SAME house my mother had just bought! WEIRD!

So my mother wrote a letter to this lady and received pictures and a floor plan sketch of the house from her memory (50 years prior!)

 Just the other day while rummaging through the barn at Heavenhill...this letter fell out of a folder. It was the letter I was hoping to find. I had gone through that folder before but never saw it. I feel like the universe heard my wish and found it for me. Things like that happen to me..does it happen to you?


  1. you should frame it and place it on the wall in Heaven Hill. It is neat to find documentation that is related to a piece of property or home.

    You must have a direct line with Saint Anthony!

  2. How cool is that! The stars are aligned!