22 June 2012

A Night at Heavenhill

Last night I spent my first night at Heavenhill! 
What a milestone! 

This little home has not been lived in in ELEVEN years! The sweet little lady that lived there before moved to a nursing home in June 2001! Can you believe this home has been so alone for so long? I always felt an energy with Heavenhill.

 A type of friendship. 
For ten years I have talked and talked about the day she will be fixed up and we can have so much fun together.

Well we had our first sleep over last night and it was a blast!

I mopped the bathroom floors

took pictures of the interior at twilight
I hung roller shades in the bedrooms & bathroom. Also in the utility room (west sun hits that room pretty hard---I will put up an awning soon)
I am so excited about the upcoming times that will be shared here. 
Spending time here creates a sense of calm and nostalgia. She has been around for over 120 years and has seen a lot of changes throughout the years.
 Good times are ahead and she is just as excited as I am about it all!


  1. She looks BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see her all decorated up! She seems to be showing off her new found confidence and fancy duds! Great job Shelbie!

  2. A long time coming for sure! You and Heavenhill deserve some time alone and enjoy each others company. She no longer feels alone or abandoned and is whole again!

    Great job and enjoy your night together!