11 March 2011

Farmhouse...El Fin!

Welcome to the Gaddy Farm

Well boys and girls, we are done painting the house! What a wonderful experience to see the transformation of this beloved farmhouse. Every day got better...we couldn't help ourselves from walking around the house pointing out and talking about our favorite part. We have so many favorites..so the conversations can get lengthy!

We enjoyed working with Paul and Renee and their team Ken and Cory. They do amazing work and every second of it was a good time!

We knew this day would come and it is here! Farmer is beside himself with happiness and I am so glad he was part of the whole experience.

We sure saw a lot of neighbors too...I think half of Bluff Dale stopped by to quench their curiosity.

Just in case you are curious about our color selection we chose Sherwin Williams Creamy for the trim, Butternut for the accent color (windows), and Artichoke for the siding. We were kind of excited about the whole vegetable theme since I am a huge butternut fan (butternut soup!) and my dad always has an artichoke around when we come over for dinner. I believe the house will bring good luck to the garden and the farm in general. Creamy=cows... maybe one day I will get my Jersey :)

Who cares about my rambling...I am sure you want to see some pictures!

Taaa Daaaa!!!

shotgun checking out the handy dandy work


i just love the trim on the house..the contrasting colors really make it "boom" as farmer says

ri ri napping on the front porch

hints of springtime!

side porch

farmer's handy post he planted to hang the hose on. Good Job Farmer ;)

back of the house with the found AUG 1907 date highlighted.

west side of the house

And now i'll leave you with some cuteness..................

Thanks for your patience ...
We also appreciate any comments or come on over and take a look at it in person!

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  1. Amazing results! Alot of time and money was spent on this project, but was worth every dime and time. I am very proud and appreciative of everyone's support and work during this one month project. Paul, Renee, and team are excellent craftsmen and have been a joy to work with!

    Even though Riley took many naps, he did helped out by ensuring the field mouse population remain at a minimal. He is a heck of a mouser!!!