04 March 2011

The Old Worn Out House

This house has always been loved but it needed a little bit more attention. Over 100 years old, it is clear why it started to slouch and sigh with years of rain, wind, and sun. Not many people believed it could shine again..but with anyone or anything..it can. It has always been loved and that is the reason why this home had the chance. Otherwise it would have died.

Here is the farmhouse's progress in four years...Now that it has had a little bit of a nip and tuck here and there...As Farmer says...she is now ready for the makeup to complete the transformation.

Next Monday or Tuesday I will show you what work has been done!! It is really lookin' good! Sorry for the suspense but we are enjoying each stage of the transformation!

1 comment:

  1. Lots of sweat, blood, and tears have been put into this place over the years, which is well deserved and is definetly being reflected in the final results. It should be good for another 100 years or so.