20 June 2011

I've Got a Tiger....er... Armadillo by the Tail!

The other day while millin' around in the garden, goose (they grey and white cat) showed me that we had a visitor. Arnie the Armadillo was back..yet he was a young pup.

Well being by myself with no one to call on but myself I decided I could catch him by the tail and put him in the trap. So at my second attempt I was able to catch him..he wasn't fast at all and didn't mind the chase. Once he was in the cage I pondered on where to place him where he would not come back and also not bother any of the neighbors..so I loaded him up on the four wheeler and we headed toward the river... As he bounced around in his cage I was wondering to myself if Arnie would get motion sickness. After our trek past the airplane hangar, I dropped him off near a gulley where a natural spring flows crystal clear water. If I were an armadillo, that is where I would like to live!!


  1. You are turning into farmer girl!!! Takes some talent and grit to catch an armadillo. I am proud of you.