14 June 2011

Fee Bee

Fee Bee is sooo happy to be in the sink..she has tried the sink, tub, and shower to find where the coolest spot in the house is. I also think she does it to look cute too.

This picture was taken before I decided to finally turn on the a/c. With 13 foot ceilings and screen doors and windows, the house isn't as hot as you would think...but alas ...on June 11th, farmer suggested I start sleeping with the window unit. We only put one in the house b/c I don't want to look at the ugly thing on the east side of the house (which is the side you would see the most). So I have changed bedrooms and now sleeping and working in the West Bedroom. I got my little wooden desk that I used as a child for my laptop and have the window unit a blowin' and a goin'.... it's not so bad...I think I did pretty good holdin' out with no a/c as long as I did. My goal was June 1st...my best yet I believe!

As you can see.. Fee Bee is very happy with the air conditioning :)


  1. All is well whenever the kitties are happy and content! Fee Bee is in kitty heaven!!!!

  2. She loves the cooler air...def. kitty heaven!