19 October 2011

New Projects!

Farmer and I found this bike, thanks to my friend Annette. There was a H U G E sale of all kinds of vintage bikes in Fort Worth. This little guy picked me to take him home. He was pretty dirty, but in an hour's time he shined up like a new penny.I plan on taking him to Granbury and using him as my "town bike." My other one is more rusty so she's a farm bike.

This here, is a quartermaster iron bed. The pieces were dit dotted around the farm and we were able to find alllll the pieces!! Woo Hoo! I want to fix this li'l guy up to use as a day bed for the side porch. I did a bit of research and it was originally white, but I think we'll keep it rusted (with fungus and all...that sounds bad haha).

I'll show the updated version, just need to buy some new springs and hook it all back together.
(darn tree grew up through the mesh wire mattress!)


  1. I guess this is what you call "rusty gold"! I was amazed that the quatermaster iron bed is worth $400 - $600!

    It is fun to find things like this and do research to find out its origin, especially in your own backyard.

  2. It's amazing that we continue to find treasures on your place. Still need to clean out the mexican barn!