20 October 2011

Nothin' Better than Some Homemade Pickled Jalapenos!

Last Sunday I decided to take charge of my huge collection of jalapenos. I cut them all up and pickled them!! I made four pints, which is about 2 pounds worth!. All but one was able to seal. I lowered the three pints of jalapenos into the cistern to accompany the pickled okra and garlic. The one misfit I put in the fridge.

The jars in the cistern will take 3 weeks to cure but I figured the one in the fridge was ready to eat..and boy oh boy are they not good!! I have been eating them with my salads, sandwiches, ice cream (just kidding..but probably would be good!). The recipe called for honey so it gives a little sweet with the hot! it's tastey! They are hot! But that's how I like em!

These are better than ANY store bought jalapenos!
I know the ones in the cistern are gonna be even better. When farmer finishes his assignment, we'll have to open one up for celebration..aiy yai yai!


  1. HOT HOT HOT!!! Looks very tastey but dangerous. I bet it will give me the hiccups for sure!

  2. maybe the honey will soothe your hiccups away.

  3. Looks so good! It was great seeing you Saturday!