13 October 2010

El Jardin

That's right folks. Got a garden now. I can see it from the windows...it's that close. Farmer is down from Montana and hooked up the "roto-tiller" to the tractor to plow the garden so it will be in tip top shape for spring. Cannot wait. I think I will buy a couple of winter transplants and start it up. I will need to research on how to make the soil the best it can possibly be. It's strange..it has a bit of clay and then sandy (dusty) soil. but I think it will do great!

Also what is fun..is that it is an old dumping ground from the Fallins. All sorts of broken dishes and even found part of a wagon axle, spike, and some other type of wagon part. I wonder if glass and porcelain is good fertilizer..because I would have myself a bountiful garden if that were the case!

Shotgun is a ham!!


  1. Why are my cloths dirty and yours are nice a clean?

  2. that's one thing you like to do when you get home is get as dirty as possible. It's like after a dog gets a bath..he goes and rolls around in the dirt.