06 January 2011

The Farm From Years Past

I'm off to Montana today!!! I'll be there for about 10.5 days so wish me luck with the snow! I am super scared! I never thought I would be spending a birthday up in Northwest Montana with some hot cocoa and a possible dog sledding or mountain skiing. Can't wait!

I leave you with a couple of pictures Farmer and I came across of the farm and of Farmer Sr. in their J-3 Cub when it was the original yellow. Farmer still has the plane today and flies it. It is now painted silver because of the restrictions for crop dusting. Maybe one day it will be back to yellow and black striping...ohh I see you now Farmer rubbing your head...This is all cost $$$$ I know!! After we get the houses painted I'll be a good farmer girl for a while (don't quote me tho!)

I love these pictures!

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  1. That plane was the same one that Buck learned to fly in and was the trainer in Stephenville. After he got his license, he and Otto decided to buy it. Guess what this is the same plane I learned to fly in as well! The photos of the house was taken in the early 60's when the siding was installed. Do you notice there are no trees. Alot has change in 50 years.