19 July 2011


On our day trip adventure we stopped in Albany. We had fallen in love with this picturesque town during our jaunts through West Texas. So clean with sculptures scattered here and there, dropping hints to the travelers passing through that this is not just an ordinary little town. This is a town with culture!

We visited the incredible art museum that is hosted in the old county jail. From Renoir to Alexander Caulder..this is a place to visit if you appreciate the arts. Who knew that such a small town could have this vast collection.

My favorite piece, though, was the original blue prints of the courthouse. The elevations, sections, and floor plans were beautiful and so simple. Line weight that is created by the artistic hand is what is truly lacking in our world of Auto Cad...it makes me want to draft again but ahhhh I would be without a job.

For more information check out the Old Jail Museum's website here. It isn't that far from Granbury (about a 2.5 hour drive).

Farmer in "jail" reminds me of the time we were in Germany...


  1. Downtown Albany is a very nice place indeed. I enjoyed the the museum as well, especially since it was cool inside and a break from the extreme Texas heat.

    How do I always end up in jail????

  2. It's in your genes! Old Sam Gaddy had many sleepovers at the Palo Pinto County Jail.. I guess I didn't get a picture of you there.. we need to do that!!

    Good thing it is only "play" jails for you!