20 July 2011

Got Oats?

Lately I have had the itch to create. I like to have that feeling..I will go for a long time never doing anything crafty, but am so happy when it sparks back up. I have especially wanted to do something with the sewing machine..maybe something besides a pillow?! So I was looking on craftgawker.com and got a bit of inspiration. Now mind you, I have air conditioning going on in just one room in the house and that would be the bedroom. My sewing room (more like a sewing closet) doesn't have much of a breeze but I am thankful that I can stand the heat! Just don't come near me, I can literally call my sewing room a "sweat shop"!

Farmer has a plethora of burlap sacks in the barn so I grabbed one of them...I was very excited to see Lubbock, Texas on it! I made sure my college town would be visible. I washed it (pewwww weeee) and rummaged through the surplus of fabric on the shelves in the sewing room. It's like my own little store. I love the fact that I have everything at my disposal! This did not cost me a dime, just time! And I have lots of that right now!

I cut out all the fabric and figured out each step in the bedroom..and then headed to the sweat shop...errr...sewing room to do a little (a lot) of sewing. I am not very good so there were many times I had to tear the seams apart and start over. It took me a while to figure out how handbags work: Adding fabric to existing because I made it too short, I had to make the strap twice due to my inexprience, and...oh what a mess. It took me two days! I hope the next one will only take me half the time (or less!)

Looks like I'm ready to go feed Shotgun!

I also made some rosettes out of scrap fabric I found in my sewing wastebasket!
They were fun and easy to make too.


  1. LOVE THIS!!!!! Etsy! Etsy! Etsy!

  2. Very creative! Once you get a pattern down, I bet you could sell these bags/purses at the mall and make a great profit. Especially knowing there is excess inventory of material, is free and is readily availible. Reminds me of a "cotton sack" they used while harvesting cotton by hand back in the day. Maybe you could call it "Shelbie's Harvest Sack Collection"

    Maybe try to sell on Ebay?

  3. thank you! We'll see if my second attempt will be better, time wise and straight seams wise!