28 July 2011

Glorified Moo Moo

Well I thought I would get a little crafty today so I found an easy to make dress. Wow! In the past week I have made a purse/bag and a dress! Not one pillow either! I think I have finally gotten past the nervousness that comes with sewing...alas these are easy projects. I don't see myself making a ball gown anytime soon...but that sounds tempting..haaa. Still need to work on cutting straight (kindergarten?) and sewing seams straight. I was extra careful with this project and I think I did pretty good! What do you think?

It really is a glorified moo moo.. I made it a little big but I like it! I will try to make another one, that isn't so big and will be more like a tunic than a dress. It sure is comfy!

1 comment:

  1. Moo Moos for Meow Meows! Looks nice, cool, and comfortable.