29 March 2012

Heavnehill Updates

Lots of wonderful things are happening at 620 e. bridge.
Heavenhill is transforming weekly and it is so much fun to see the progress.
Folks laugh at my giddiness but it really is a long time coming.
I am so thankful to be part of this journey.

I wanted to cry when I first saw water flow out of the spigot.
But I had to be strong in front of the plumbers!

I also had to do a little jig when I saw the green tag. A major step forward!
Insulation is going up right now and will be done by Monday.

Goal: Sheetrock on Tuesday!

My first paying customer is a gal I went to high school with that is a photographer. She is having a photo session with a client there and I made sure the living room was in proper order and even washed the windows to make the experience as easy as possible.

I am so excited to start seeing HH take shape...
who will be my first overnight guest (besides me of course!)?!

I had to put a container and a sign together after all the cigarette butts
I picked up off the ground. Everyone has been obedient ever since.


  1. HH really is taking shape and very happy and proud of your accomplishments and determination. Looking foward to seeing it in person and I can be one of the first (non-paying) customers to stay there.

  2. Thanks Tom! I appreciate your support and patience-ish ;)

  3. HH is looking great! I, too, am very proud of your accomplishment!