08 March 2012

Old Bridge

Back in the day, we had a fantastic iron bridge. I was very young, about 7 years old, but I do remember when "they" tore it down and replaced it with a concrete-boring-bridge and being very disgruntled about the whole thing. I know it was probably too narrow for the growing city but why not keep it for foot traffic? Can't do anything about it now but it should be a warning for future progressions, don't you think?


  1. Yes, I agree... As a child my family of origin and I would cross into Mexico by way of an old iron bridge located in Roma, Texas crossing into Miguel Aleman, Mexico. The bridge is still there (not in use anymore, of course) but I am glad they didn't tear it down. I think it serves of a reminder of a gone by era.


  2. I still think of that bridge everytime I cross that concrete-boring-bridge. I didn't like that they tore it down! It was have been a great way to usher in visitors to Granbury!