15 March 2012

Missing My Buddy

Today marks a year since I lost my soul kitty.
I loved him with all my heart.
We had been through a lot together and I knew I could always count on him for
love and companionship.
It has been a tough and unbelievably fast year. I think of him everyday and my
heart seems to heal a little bit each day.

You were a little comedian and I know you loved to see us laugh at your jokes and tricks.
Farmer and I would laugh so much with you.
I know we will meet again and that is a nice feeling to have.

I love you Riely.


  1. I'm so sorry honey. He's still a special guy. You just can't see him.

  2. I miss him as well and think of Riely often. He was a one of a kind kitty and know he is with us in spirit.

  3. Thanks for the kind words. I know he is still around I can see his quirks everywhere I go :)

  4. That breaks my heart...I know how much you loved that little guy! He was a sweetheart..