17 August 2012

Anything is Possible

While doing a much deeper clean than I usually do to the ol' farmhouse. I found something that quickly reminded me that anything is possible with persistence and perseverance! 
Nature is always there to remind us!

While taking a bit of an evening stroll yesterday, I came upon these little guys!! At first I thought they were bones...and then when I came closer I realized these bones were antlers! Only five feet a part from one another, I scooped them up and called Farmer (interrupting his movie) and told him about my rare find!

Pretty neat to find an actual pair! 
If you are even lucky to just find one, then you are having a good day.

This will be my 3rd antler to find at the ol' Gaddy farm. 


  1. That is so amazing! I want to find some for decoration in my house but it's heard to find naturally shed antlers for a reasonable price :(

  2. They are on my coffee table right now :) I can see how they could be pretty pricey since they are so hard to find! Good Luck!!

  3. and very nice antlers at that! I haven't found any this year, but I am looking!

  4. I am glad you found the antlers. They are very costly on tractor tires when you run over them!!!!