27 August 2012

No Gifts Please

Farmer and I have discussed this and thoroughly agree on this one matter with sharing our ceremony with all of ya'll.

We do not want any gifts. Please. Really!!

I'll give you some great pictures that explains why. 

Do you see why we need nothing? and this is just one barn on his property plum full of STUFF! We both understand that most newlyweds do need gifts to give them that boost in creating a home. Us tho? Nope! We do not need the boost..look at all the s#!t we have. We really do not need a thing! That is why instead of gifts, just bring a dish! How fun is that anyways?! I would much rather cook up a dish than go to the mall and find that "special" something.
 oh boy....these pictures were taken several years ago before I got to dive into this barn. It had not been touched in over 30 years. Sadly tho, after cleaning it out and even sweeping it out..it looks about the same as Farmer is related to the ones that stuffed it to the brim! :)

It is a very rare thing to inherit many generations of 'stuff' so do not feel guilty in giving zero of a gift. 5 irons, 2 blenders, 4 sofas, 8 end tables and 12 bed frames...we beg of you not to go out and buy us a thing! Your presence and a dish is the best thing to ever ask of you!


  1. That is a great idea! Everyone bring a dish! Reminds me of the homecomings at my grandmother's church...so many yummy plates!
    Can't wait!

  2. Well, I actually still have a gift for you and Sam but it's a more sentimental item you can put on your wall.. because I know how much space you have left on your walls, lol. When you two are recovered from traveling we'll get together and I'll give you your belated wedding present. ;)