23 August 2012

Save the Date

Farmer & I are getting more details nailed down for our wedding. We have decided to get married either under an Oak Grove or under  a Pecan Tree that his great grandfather grafted when it was a young buck. He named it Eleanor's Tree or Nurse Tree. *am I right farmer?*

There are Pros and Cons with these two spots. 

In April, will the Pecan have its leaves yet? We can count on the Live Oaks to have them. 
Eleanor's Tree is on level ground compared to the Oak Grove..it is a bit rocky and is on a slope. If people sit, it will be a bit awkward and views may be blocked. It will probably be an all standing ceremony with maybe a couple of chairs for the elderly.

Decisions Decisions!

This winter we are going to work on both sites and I guess decide later on.

If you don't know, then I bet you are bit confused on why there is an airplane on our save the date! There is a big significance of the J-3 Piper Cub. 

It is a WWII airplane that Sam's dad, Buck, learned to fly in when he was a young man. He then decided to buy it from the Stephenville Municipal Airport. So he built himself a hanger on the farm and flew it for fun. Many years later, he decided to get into the crop dusting business and converted the cub to have a sprayer and painted it silver. Ever since Farmer was a kid, his dad would take him up flying. He eventually learned to fly and helped his dad spray crops (and impress the ladies!)

When I was a little girl I heard about there being an old plane in a barn somewhere around Bluff Dale. I would always look for that barn when I would drive around with my mother. I decided on a particular barn in Bluff Dale that housed it. And always thought that must be it when we drove by. 

Many years passed and I kind of forgot about that "legend" of the plane in the barn.

After college, when Farmer and I started dating, he showed me his airplane...in a barn.  

The memory came back. 
No way! You are the guy I heard about so long ago?

The barn was actually just up the road from the barn I always thought was the one that held the airplane. I was about 1/2 a mile off :) 

So as you can see with this long post, there is a bit of significance with this plane.

I am getting a quote right now on how much it will cost to print these save the dates. 
We are getting pretty excited about it all!

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  1. Very nice blog and you are spot on regarding the history of the pecan tree and airplane!