03 August 2011

Feed Bags...Get Your Feed Bags!

Well, my prediction turned out true...making the next bag was very simple..so simple that I was able to make three in just a couple of hours. However, that does not include the lining. That takes a bit..and the strap. So far I have completely finished two and I think they have turned out great!

They are smaller than my prototype which I think is better. I also get more out of one sack. (about two and a half). I am pretty stoked about the bags and I hope others are too. I now understand why purses cost a lot of money. There is a lot of time and material that go into them. I have them for sale for $36 at the mall and it definitely does not cover my time..and if I had to buy the material..man this is a bargain!

But I have to be realistic as well. I am not a professional seamstress so my seams are crooked and the bags are not perfect. But they are sturdy and will hold your wallet and other junk. Thank goodness it is supposed to look a bit on the rugged side or I would be SOL!

This purse turned out pretty cool! The muddled colors that make up the old wagon and mules really does give it an edge. Also the pleats give it a bit of softness to accent the rough texture of the grain sack. The lining is super cool. It is a transparent floral fabric with colors of orange, brown and chartreuse on a white background. I made a pocket on each side of the lining to hold your keys, chapstick, etc.

It's a chic piece!

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  1. Very creative and I bet they will sell quickly. Looks like Shotgun approves as well. Maybe you could put Oscar in the sac and it could be a "Kitty Sac"