13 August 2011

Oh Happy Rainy Day!!

Oh Glorious Day! Not even in 24 hours, the rain came falling down from the heavens above and gave us 3 inches of holy water..water to quench the thirst of our arid fields of grass and flowers. Giving the animals of all kind a break from the heat and a good glass of cool, clean water to drink. I saw a bunny cross the road yesterday evening drinking out of a pothole. I bet he was in heaven..bunny heaven!

I walked around today like it was a snow day. Watching nature at its finest..water raining down, water standing still, and water rushing by. What a sight to see! Thank you dear Lord. I know you heard our prayers and I thank you for every single drop!

this tank was completely DRY yesterday!

This morning I awoke at 5 AM to turn off the water timers for our sprinklers. It was not a chore and I did not curse the time..I embraced my duty with an umbrella and turned off each timer with a smile. I was so excited I could barely go back to sleep. I turned off my ac (it is rather loud) and opened up all the doors that lead to the porches so I could sleep with peace while listening to the rain falling down on the tin roof...pure bliss!

Yesterday I made a plea with God, Mother Nature, and the Sky. If it rains, I will stand right in the middle of it and let it rain down on me. And it happened. I stood out on the sidewalk and the rain soaked me to the bone. It was revitalizing and I knew I needed it as much as my garden did.

This picture summarizes this summer. Heat, lots of it..enough to kill some cows and dry up the tanks and the rivers. Then in a blink of an eye the water came down and quenched the earth and filled up the tanks with fresh water.

The rain started yesterday around 6pm and lasted for about 45 minutes to an hour. We received 4/10ths.

This morning (Saturday) the rain started up again with the sound of thunder and flashes of lightening aroud 5 Am (probably a bit before that) and lasted til 1pm.

Yesterday, when talking with Farmer on the phone (he's in Montana and I am sad that he could not see this miracle) and he wished aloud, "Well what would be best is if we got 3 inches!!" I told him, "well, beggars cannot be choosers..we should be happy with 4/10ths"....By noon the next day he got his wish!!

This morning while sleeping to the sound of music..err rain..i dreamt of waterfalls all over the property. And lookie here..my dream came true!


  1. Those are wonderful photos and such great news about the rain. 3" of rain in August is unheard of. Maybe the family struck a deal with the man up stairs!?

    More rain, more grass!!!

  2. I'm sure your family put in a good word to the man up stairs. They probably thought I looked pretty pathetic walking around with my water hose and frown.