22 August 2011

Red Raider Nation!

I am here in the Treasure State again! It is good to be back! I have had quite the time already. I have had a lot of luck with the thrift stores too...ohhh how am I ever going to bring all this stuff back with me??

One of my finds has patience written all over it! Let me explain:

Last year I visited a thrift store in Whitefish that seemed more like an antique store than a resale shop. I ventured over to a pile of blankets and was amazed to see TWO Texas Tech Pendleton Blankets. There was one that was a lettered blanket for basketball from the 40s with a huge double T in the middle of the blanket. The other one had the Masked Rider with the Double T that spelled out Texas Tech University. I was soooo excited! To find my Alma Mater in Whitefish, Montana was pretty crazy. Then I looked at the price tag.. $150 EACH!! I was outraged and saddened. No way would I spend that much for nostalgia. Damn It.

Several weeks later I mustered up some courage to buy one of them. But once I finally got there, they were gone. I was pretty bummed because I talked myself into buying one for memories of Montana. Oh Well. It wasn't meant to be.

Well fast forward a year later..I am back here having a great time shopping at my favorite haunts. I still think fondly of those neat blankets from time to time.

Farmer suggested going by the Flathead Industries store in Kalispell...even though they anger me with their high prices. We stopped by but they were closed. So today I decided I would go there to kill some time. I moseyed around still flabbergasted by their prices, however I did find a great southwestern table runner for only $1. I snatched that. Then I headed over to their "Antiques Area." Everything high priced as usual. Then I saw it...I lost my breath..could it be??

It was !!!

It was my two Texas Tech Blankets! How in the world?? I mean I know that the Whitefish Thrift Store and the Flathead Industries Resale Shop are both the same company, but I looked for them and never saw them last year..and here they are.

Then I saw that they were reduced in price to $80 each. Now we are talking. But then I couldn't decide which one I wanted...hmm it would be nice if I got both of them?? Maybe I'll bring Farmer back so we can decide..no, I need to figure this out before they disappear again. I talked to the manager and asked if he could make me a deal.

"I know you have had these for awhile and I am a Red Raider Alum...so what do you think? $80 for both?" He pondered for a bit and then said. "well how about $100 for both?" It was then my turn to ponder the offer and thought about how wheelin' and dealin' is all the rage of late (Picker Sisters, American Pickers, etc.).

I countered, "$90??"


Yay! I got them for $45 each.. now that is a long ways away from $150.

So, yes my friends, patience is a virtue!!

Now what am I gonna do with them? We shall see. I just love the patches. I guess Farmer and I need to go to a couple of football games and snuggle up with them!



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  1. Maybe wash them first and snuggle later?! Congratulations on your find and maybe we can use the if we decide to go the to Tech Vs. Baylor game at Cowboys Stadium.