30 August 2011

The Daily Inter Lake

Welp, I made the big times...THE big Sunday edition newspaper in Kalispell, Montana. I was expecting a small little picture, maybe. The photographer whispered, "I usually don't tell anyone this, but I am pretty sure you'll make the Sunday paper." So, on Sunday I paid my $1.75 and WHOA there was me plastered on the front of the Life Section. About 1/3 of the paper!! Eeeek! I do not enjoy seeing a picture of me that large. Heck, I don't know if I have ever seen a picture of me that large before!

But isn't that funny?! I think the photographer liked my quote so for that reason I got my picture in the paper while sketching the Conrad Mansion (you can read more about my visits to the Conrad mansion here and here from last year). So how did I get my picture in the paper you ask? Well, they had their first annual paint out last Tuesday and all was welcome. I thought it would be a fun thing to do and no, I didn't win, but I guess I kind of did..all of Kalispell got to see me (eeek!) while enjoying their donut and coffee at their favorite diner or at home with their breakfast in bed. Some of farmer's colleagues at work noticed and gave him a copy. I like the black and white/distorted scan he did. The photographer's camera was really good, I mean, like, too good. Awww! I know, I know, a person is their own worst critic...but here you go, I copied and pasted the whole front page (and minimized my picture) together so my readers (a whopping two maybe??) can see how I made the big times here in Montana!

Caption underneath my picture:

Thank you, Daily Inter Lake, for making me sound so prestigious! I come to Montana regularly while passing my days sketching the Conrad Mansion....hmmm well, come to think of it, I guess that is what I am doing, it just sounds so much better in black and white. Which makes me realize how very grateful I am for all my adventures in my 27 years.


  1. That is for sure something to brag about and be proud off! Usually, most folks get the picture in the paper for all the wrong reasons.

    You are officially a local celebrity in Flathead Valley of Montana!

  2. You are a celeb!!! I can say I knew you when...Cute picture, looks like you are enjoying your day and are relaxed.