24 September 2010

Things that Make Me Happy at the Farm...

Yes I know, you are probably thinking...well I've already seen this! I know she took off the siding..it looks great..

well let me show you something..

Every time I get the camera out Riely shows up...he loves to be photographed. So what do you think about the "new" columns? We encased the existing pipe with 1x6's. I then primed them and also the beam above it after I tore off the rest of the siding !

Great stuff!!

And we are also putting a nice new fence around the house too..can't wait for that to get finished!


  1. Everything looks absolutely fantastic! Even the yard (grass, flowers, etc) looks great! I hope the tax appraiser does not stop the house anytime soon! We will definitely need to put up a fence and gates at the entrance because even more people will be stopping by, thinking that white folk with money live here! (LOL).

    Why is Riely such a ham?

  2. Glad you like it..think you'll be happy with everything when you get back. There are some nice fat dove living amongst the trees right now too.

    Looking forward to seeing the fence take shape.