09 July 2010

Conrad Mansion

This past July 3rd we headed to the historic downtown in Kalispell and watched the parade. It was fun and nice...nice and fun. Then afterwards we decided to go to the Conrad mansion for an ice cream social and a tour of the grand house.

Well it started to sprinkle..then rain...then pour..and then lightening and thunder...The staff at the mansion had chairs set out on the lawn, ice cream, hotdogs for sale, etc. It would have been lots of fun..but the darn rain changed all that. We huddled underneath the leaking gazebo for about an hour and then decided to make a run for it back to the car---the rain was not going to let up so we decided to go somewhere else.

I am anxious to visit the mansion because I did a research project over the architect, Kirtland Cutter, when I was a freshman at Tech!

I fell in love with the stone wall!! I think it as neat as the house--maybe even neater!!!

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  1. I can't wait until we get to go inside and take a tour. Oh yeah we did this weekend! I smell a sequel blog