13 May 2010


We have wonderful friends in Lometa, TX. Of course, farmerman has known them allll his life because his dad was college buddies with the family. I love it when we can make it down to Lometa to ride ol' Speedo, feed the sheep, and look for the little black sheep. I also like to visit the cousin of the family, Danny. He has a great farmhouse that has been in the family for eons. And he has a neat ol' dog named Chili. I took a picture of Chili with the farmhouse's wonderful green carpet. Danny said he was going to take up the carpet to expose the hardwood floor. I understand where he is coming from because I'm slowly but surely (and sneakely) doing the same thing at my humble abode. I asked him if he could save about an 10'X10' ...or even bigger ?? ....piece of the carpet for me. I think it's so fun! Very dated, but I think that's what's neat about it. It would be a jolly area rug once I get it bound. Quite the conversation piece too.

The farmhouse where Danny, Chili, and the green carpet reside.

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  1. You forgot to mention the chores that Carlton has for me, like patching the water storage tank, rewiring the barn, working on the tractor, help harvesting and planting B-Dahl, loading wood, picking up limbs/sticks out of the yard, etc. I enjoying doing those thing espcially knowing how much the Britton's appreciate it.