10 May 2010

Cows Cows Cows

Sunday I woke up to Mooos and more Moos. I looked out the window and two calves were on the side of the road. Their mama's and aunties were yellin' and screamin' at them to GET BACK OVER HERE!

I rushed outside and saw my wonderful neighbors (in their Mother's Day/Sunday Best) trying to herd them back in the lot. Thanks to JJ and Lacy, we were able to shoo them in.

Mind you, this isn't the first rodeo. Last night, I was informed that one of the new kids (one of 256 head) got out last night. Then this weekend--I shooed two calves that were sunning in the yard back into the trap and then later found another one in the yard--same story! I found 3 holes in the fence where the kitty cows got in and mended them as well as a girl like me can.

I also found the hole where the steer got out and mended that as well I can. My ol' farmerman will need to show me how to do it right if he plans on keeping me around for awhile.

At least it keeps me busy on a lazy Sunday! Things will work out but you know how things can go at times...when it rains it pours..cows!!

Sunning kitty cows in the yard...like little doggies.

This is how a girl like me mends an old fence!

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  1. Who needs kids when you have approx 300 head mixture of cows, calves, bulls, steers and heifers. The livestock is essentially like have a basal of children.