05 May 2010

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

I just love Cinco de Mayo. That's all I'm going to say about it!

Okay, maybe I'll say another thing. I love to speak Spanish (or attempt), I love Mexican culture: clothes, bright colors, food, and I see twinkles in their eyes more often than any other race.

Hope you can have a corona or margarita today! Ole!


A Poem I had to memorize in Spanish class...I think the ending is different but oh well!

El reloj


A la una como tuna,
a las dos me da la tos,
a las tres veo a Andrés,
a las cuatro voy al teatro,
a las cinco salto y brinco,
a las seis merendaré,
a las siete jugaré,
a las ocho seré como Pinocho.

The Clock

(Translated by Rose Treviño.)

At one I eat cactus,
at two I have a cough,
at three I see Andrew,
at four I go to the theater,
at five I jump and jump,
at six I have a snack,
at seven then I play,
at eight I will be like Pinocchio.


  1. The strangest place I have ever celebrated Cinco de Mayo was in Treviso, Italy. The town had a "Mexican" resturante and we drank Margaritas and ate nachos with little pieces of peppers and yellow cheese. Not even close to Mexican food back home, but it was in the spirit of things atleast.

  2. How is the Mexican food in Montana??