12 May 2010

Missions in San Antonio

Thinking about a San Antonio trip in the near future? I would like to suggest a couple of missions to visit...no, not the Alamo, even though if you haven't seen it, you better---it's a symbol of Texas, ya'll!

I'm talking about two missions that I visited with my Amor.

San Jose and Concepcion.

We arrived on a Sunday morning and while meandering up the walk we could hear glorious music and song floating through the air from the ancient walls. We walked in towards the back and I sat there forever listening to this amazing Mexican music. It was so real. This is what it is about. I could have stayed there forever. I recommend going on a Sunday for sure. Both missions have Sunday Mass and everyone is welcome!

Mission Concepcion is smaller but my favorite! This is where I heard the music and it has stayed with me ever since. It wasn't very busy and so peaceful. History is alive and well {preserved} and this makes me super happy. It's so old and so amazing...I didn't feel like I was in Texas but more like Europe. I never knew this type of experience was so close to home.

Mission San Jose is very large and impressive. The whole compound is preserved. The fortress walls, the homes where converts and missionaries lived, the chapel, and the mill still grinds corn by way of water running through the property. It is all so fascinating and a great history lesson. The mission posted pictures of people "discovering" the ruins back in the early 1900s. It's amazing to see these people just as interested as I am...looking at the same object that has been around since the 1700s. I recommend taking time to visit the missions. I am looking forward to visiting the others next time we make it to San Antonio.

Wait a minute! That's not a mission-mission...It's the Mission Drive-in!! Located just down the road from Mission Concepcion! It is not open but sure is neat.

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