26 May 2010

Vacation Time

Hey Folks, I'm so happy to say that I am actually reaaaallly busy. Especially busy this week. So I am going to take the rest of the week off from the Blog World in order to get things done as soon as possible! I am also looking forward to my farmer=man coming home and getting to see all the wonderful things that have been going on since he left! I will post pictures of the progress as soon as I find time to breathe! My exhibit will be over this weekend and hopefully another project. Afterwards I may be in blog prime since I may not have as much to do. With that I leave you a couple of pictures of the cutest kitty in the world:


  1. You have been working very hard and I greatly appreciate and am sure that everything you have accomplished or will be accomplishing exceeds expectations and is absolutley/near perfect. See you very soon!

  2. That is a cute kitty. I have a yellow Tomcat that is a stray. He is very sweet, if you know of anyone that would love to have him, let me know.
    Great pictures!

  3. Cindy, my brother's family is looking for a cat. They want one that is more an outside cat. That may be just right for them. I will let him know.