14 May 2010

Just a Year...Just 365 Days

Finally, the seven sisters have graced me with their beauty this Spring. I have been waiting patiently for them to make their appearance and very saddened that the descendant of these little sisters is not around to witness their yearly dance.

The story is that the Seven Sisters climbing rose was planted when the house was built back in 1908. Over the years with the landscape growing out of control and taking over the front yard...the sisters were hidden and almost forgotten when one Spring day the people of the home discovered that they were still around---just covered up by the jealous ground cover and tree branches who starve for attention. After several years of transplanting to try to preserve this tid bit of history...the sisters are thriving and so happy. After so many years of neglect don't ya think they deserve the spotlight!?

One of my first little projects on the farmhouse was to help make a trellis for the ladies to climb on. We made it out of nylon rope (I saw this done while in Europe in country towns) and made a web on the front porch. I didn't take pictures the first couple of years. But here is an example on how one year makes a difference. Can't wait 'til next year!


  1. I really like the cedar and rope trellis design.

  2. You can barely see the cedar and rope trellis!