18 June 2010

Where Am I?

Of course you know where I am but I do have to say, walking down the streets of downtown Fort Davis, basking in the sun of my Gramma's private patio and listening to the mexican/country music across the street sure does put a smile on my face and I let out a nice pleasant sigh of contentment. I feel like I am in another country with the view of the mountains---smooth yet jagged boulders jutting out of the earth into the dark cloudy sky. I see a flash of lightning in the crook of two mountains...rain today? Maybe over there but not here.

The smell of rain and authentic Mexican food wafting through the air...ooh I want to eat some! But Gramma's home cooking is just as good.

We went to the lumber yard today to get supplies for our mosaic table project and Gramma knew everyone that walked through the door..because of our trip we are going to go have dinner at her friend Joe and Frankie's home...big rancher guy. They obliged to make me fish. I finished two pillows. They sure do look good. I will post pictures of the table soon but I leave you with my pillers.

Info about the pillows... these are flour sacks from Sam's great gramma's stash. I love this one because it says Lubbock, Texas on it (Go Tech!). This is one sack cut into two. Also, the cording around the pillows is from Eleanor's dress...fabric my Gramma saved after remaking it with new fabric, I was ecstatic to see it...it has been about 3 years since I saw the fabric..it all goes quite well together. Definitely special.


  1. I recognize those bare feet!

  2. You know I am always barefoot as long as I can help it.