07 June 2010

The Baker Hotel

Have you seen the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells? You can't miss it if you have travelled HWY 281. The old lady is the tallest and grandest building in Palo Pinto county. Opening right after the crash in 1929, it hosted all sorts of celebrities, politicians, and the wealthy. The Baker also created many jobs for the townspeople in Mineral Wells. It seemed like everyone was connected somehow to the Baker. The hotel closed in the 70s and has startled to crumble ever since. The poor soul. Who has 400 million dollars to renovate it?

Well..good news..somebody does! Thiel and Thiel Architecture is redesigning and coming up with the plans to renovate the Baker Hotel and make it a spa like destination getaway. There will be about 200 rooms, spa, retail shops, and a restaurant. They will market the rooms at affordable prices. I'm very excited about this! I hope it will follow through. I will definitely take a trip to spend the night at the Baker. I'm not much into spas but for historical places...well you know how I feel about that!


  1. That is great news! I love that old hotel. I walked around it several years ago and it was sad to see it in ruins. I am glad someone took interest! Thanks for passing along the news!

  2. I am happy to hear that they are restoring the Baker Hotel, I just hope that folks will want to travel to Mineral Wells to stay there.