14 June 2010


Huge green tomatoes tease me while I envision salsa, tomato sauce, pasta salad, pizza, caprise, soup, using my fresh basil, and....the list will go on but I will spare you.

Ohhhh Boy! My tomatoes are finalllllly turning red. Mind you, these plants where just little things when I planted them. Smaller than a coffee can. They are now as tall as me, streaming their green, leafy arms to form a sort of tomato jungle. This makes me very excited. I just love the smell of fresh tomatoes. Kind of has an itchy smell to it..do you know what I mean??

My plan is to freeze most of the tomatoes so I can use them later on down the road (wish I knew how to can). I am going to freeze a lot of basil into ice cubes so I will be able to use them as well.

What is your favorite tomato dish? Please share!


  1. Shelby, my city dwelling sister just started a garden last year when she moved out of the city. She grew tomatoes, peppers and all kind of herbs. She didn't really even know how to cook, but she learned to can and she said there isn't anything to it. If she can ...can...then I know you can...can (kind of a tricky sentence!) She has all kinds of whole, cubed, sauces, pica de gallo. Give it a try! You can do it!

  2. That's great encouragement! I will definitely try it out :) THanks Cindy!

  3. The tomato in the fourth photo looks like a jack-o-latern. Maybe this type of tomato could be used for a Halloween decoration.

  4. I know I missed the initial discussion, but here's my favorite tomato recipe (ps. i like to peel my tomatoes that go into the pie): http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/tomato-pie-recipe/index.html